Haymes Paint Trade Account Application:
What you’ll need to apply

In order to apply and be approved for a Haymes Paint Trade Account, you will need the following information:

- Your business ABN / ACN
- Trust ABN (if applicable)
- Driver’s Licence
- Date of Birth
- Address
- Email
- Phone Number for each sole trader/partner/director
- Access to your email & mobile phone

Verifying your driver's licence:

You can use the details of your Australian driver’s license (or learner’s permit) when applying for a Haymes Paint Trade Account.

You’ll need to provide the following information in your application:

- state or territory that issued it
- licence number
- card number
- first name
- family name
- date of birth
- name verification

Examples of Australian driver’s licences.

These examples below show common locations for the required details on your Australia driver’s licence. 

Your licence cannot be verified online if:

- It’s been cancelled, refused or is no longer active (this is when it’s held in another state or territory or has expired in ACT, TAS or SA)
- You’re using a WA extraordinary licence issued by a magistrate to allow limited use of your vehicle.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT):


New South Wales (NSW): 


Northen Territory (NT):



Queensland (QLD):

QLD Drivers licence front2

QLDDrivers LicenceCardNo

South Australia (SA):



Tasmania (TAS):



Victoria (VIC):



Western Australia (WA):