Select the Right Product for Your Project

Finding the right product for your project is vital. Whether you’re looking for durability, quick dry or easy clean-up there is a Woodcare product for you. If you’re still unsure of the best product for you, speak with your Woodcare expert at your local Haymes stockist. Visit to find a stockist near you.

When choosing the right product for your interior project, whether it be flooring, or furniture, wood panelling or benchtops, many things should be taken into consideration, particularly finish and durability.




Calculate – How much will I need?

Calculate the square metre area that you are coating to ensure that you have the correct amount of product for your project. This will help you achieve the expected lifespan from your timber finish.

The example below is based on a deck 6m x 5m:

  1. Calculate your decking area, 6m x 5m = 30m²
  2. Divide 30m² by coverage rate^, (10m²/L) = 3L
  3. You need 2 coats, 2 x 3 = 6L
  4. 6L is required to achieve optimum coverage

*Coverage rate can vary between products and can be found on the can or product data sheet.