It is important to apply your chosen finish with quality tools including the correct brushes, rollers or
applicators to suit the project and product. Make sure you follow specifications for coverage and
application procedures to ensure you receive the best possible result.


Sanding is the key to achieving a professional finish! It is made simple by following the recommended
specifications, using the right grade sandpaper and, importantly, always sanding in the direction of
the grain. After completion of sanding the timber should be smooth to touch, clean and free of dust,
wax, grease and contaminants before proceeding to the next step. When coating floors, ensure the
surface is vacuumed thoroughly prior to applying the first coat and in between coats.
Simple tip: For uneven flooring we recommend sanding in a diagonal direction with 80 grit first and
then finish with a fine sandpaper (240 grit), sanding in the direction of the grain.


We recommend filling the timber with Wood Putty that is matched to the timber colour after the first
coat of the clear finish has been applied. The Wood Putty is suitable for all nail holes, cracks, knot holes
and surface blemishes. Apply putty with a recommended filling applicator, wiping off the excess with
a soft damp cloth. Allow to dry and sand smooth.


Stir the product with a broad flat stirrer prior to application. DO NOT SHAKE. Apply in the direction of
the timber grain along the length of the board, coating 3-4 boards at a time. Allow to dry then sand,
dust down or vacuum thoroughly. Repeat the process for any subsequent coat(s).


Protect the coating against abrasive contact for seven days. Do not use freshly coated furniture within
the first 24 hours. After seven days the finish can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution and a soft
cloth. Recoat all surfaces as the coating begins to dull and well before it wears through to the original
timber. For interior floors protect the coating against abrasive contact such as heavy foot traffic and
moving furniture for up to fourteen days. To extend the life of the finish, use floor-glides under chairs
and furniture legs to avoid scratching the surface. Regularly sweeping the floor and cleaning with a
mild detergent solution will also prolong surface integrity.
Simple tip: Water-based products are non-yellowing, making them perfect for light-coloured timber.
Solvent-based products are great for enhancing coloured timber as they darken slightly with age.