Renderbase Hi-Build

Haymes Rendertex Renderbase Hi-Build is a lightweight, polymer modified cement based plaster which, when mixed with water, is suitable for application to rough surfaces requiring a heavy build-up. Hi-Build can be applied over masonry surfaces including bricks, blocks, aerated and existing cement renders. Hi-Build contains large, lightweight aggregates which enable it to be applied and finished in thick sections with minimal sagging. When prepared using Liquid Bond performance additive, Hi-Build can also be applied over concrete panels and aerated concrete blocks/panels. Hi-Build has been formulated for application at thicknesses ranging between 4-10 mm in a single coat and up to 30 mm with multipliable passes with minimal shrinkage.


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  • Factory Blended
  • Efficient project pack size
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for rough surfaces
  • Product Consistency
  • Minimal Waste




5 days



Dry time

Between 30 minutes to 10 hours