Rendertex Eureka Marble

Rendertex Eureka Marble is a durable marble-based coating that provides an attractive textural finish to correctly prepared interior and exterior surfaces. A water-based acrylic pigmented texture coating that resists the extremes of weather as well as mould and fungal growth. When applied in accordance to manufacturers specification, it has excellent adhesion properties on many building substrates. The medium marble profile provides good abrasion resistance and excellent hiding power that assists in covering surface imperfections and defects. Various finishes and effects can be achieved by using a variety of different applications methods across both domestic and commercial environments.

  • Marble base trowel on texture
  • Excellent adhesion to many interior and exterior surfaces
  • Superb coverage
  • Mould and fungal resistant
  • Excellent durability
  • Available in three bases - White, Deep and Extra Dark


Touch dry

2 hours


24 hours