Ultra Premium Solashield Exterior

Haymes Solashield is the finest exterior paint we've ever made, combining the advantages of our UV resistant formula and water based colorant system to deliver rich, full colour and unprecedented durability. Solashield is resistant to mould and is simple to apply; with superb adhesion, great coverage, minimal roller splatter and the convenience of water wash-up.

  • Colour fast and fade resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexes to protect against cracking and peeling
  • Brilliant adhesion, even to old enamel
  • Salt resistant





Touch dry

20 minutes


2 hours





0 - 5% sheen

  • suitable for most Masonry, Brick, Concrete and Render surfaces
  • natural look finish
  • can be applied directly to most surfaces without the need for a primer

Low Sheen

5 - 15% sheen

  • ideal for use on Weatherboards and broad wall areas
  • also suitable for fibro, cement render, bricks, Galvanised Iron including roofing and most exterior timber surfaces
  • assist in hiding surface imperfections


20 - 35% sheen

  • unique mid sheen finish with high salt resistance for coastal areas
  • matches the Colourbond sheen level making it ideal for painting fascias and guttering while the Satin can also be used on Roofing
  • a popular finish for weatherboards with good resistance to dirt pick up


60 - 80% sheen

  • attractive high gloss finish
  • excellent dirt and salt pick up resistance making it ideal for harshly exposed areas such as coastal environments