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3rd September 2018

Simple Switches for A More Sustainable Kitchen

As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, it is clear that the design industry has made a conscious switch towards creating spaces that are beautiful, functional and also sustainable.

Our Contribute palette from The Colour Library Volume 11 showcases how colour, design and sustainability can come together, to achieve a kitchen space that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Haymes ColourForecast201832935 Gemmola v4
Colours used are Haymes Memory and Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom in Basalt Rock

A combination of monochrome hues, deep browns, mid-toned neutrals and wood finishes, the Contribute palette creates the perfect backdrop for an inspired kitchen space that gives back.

Contribute Palette

Contribute Palette

If you’re looking for some simple sustainable swaps that you can incorporate into your kitchen routine, here are a couple of our favourites.

1. Composting
Reduce the number of food scraps that you send to landfill by embracing composting in your kitchen. Not only will you be helping to reduce one of the biggest contributors to the countries waste, but you will be creating some of the best plant food going around, perfect for growing your own fruits and vegetables. With some beautiful stainless-steel bin options now available, your compost won’t even look out of place on your kitchen benchtop.

Haymes ColourForecast201832905 Gemmola LR
Colours used are Haymes Memory and Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom in Basalt Rock

2. Growing Your Own Vegetables and Herbs
Not only do they look incredible as a decorative element in your kitchen, but growing your own veggies and herbs will save money, time and packaging that is often used to wrap up produce in supermarkets. Our favourite herb setup is this miniature glass greenhouse, a functional and sustainable but also beautiful addition to any kitchen. Did we mention that fresh herbs on your next cooking endeavour make any dish look Masterchef worthy?

Haymes ColourForecast201833006 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Night Moves

3. Sourcing Sustainable Local Produce
Not only does locally sourced produce look and taste better, but the reduction in time from farm to table means that it’s fresher and better for you. The added bonus of being able to support local producers and save some dollars compared to the local supermarket makes it 100% worth seeking out your local farmers market.

Haymes ColourForecast201832896 Gemmola v3
Colour used is Haymes Memory

4. Reducing Single Use Plastic
Simple actions such as swapping plastic straws for metal ones, plastic containers for a glass alternative, and single-use plastic water bottles for a reusable drink bottle all add up to make a big difference to the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill. For the plastic items that you can’t find a way around, ensure that you are following the correct recycling method for each product, you would be surprised at what can and can’t be recycled.

Haymes ColourForecast201832811 Gemmola LR
Colours used are Haymes Memory and Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom in Basalt Rock

Thank you to our suppliers Aura Home, Canvas + Sasson, Clickon Furniture, Cone 11 Ceramics, Country Road, CULTIVER, Designstuff, Domo, Halcyon Lake, House of Orange, Hunting for George, Ikea, Into the Wild, Lightly, Mud Australia, Open Room, Something Beginning With, Southwood Home, Space to Create, St Albans and Voyager.

Photography by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby