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12th September 2023

Strong Haven Palette: Powerful and confident with Nexus Designs

We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated Haymes Paint Colour Library Origins Volume 17 – a captivating journey through the latest trends in colour for 2024.strong haven palette

Strong Haven is a partnership between Haymes Paint and multidisciplinary studio, Nexus Designs. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Nexus Designs for over 20 years, and continue to be inspired by their work across interior design, product development and visual communications.

This colour palette allowed Nexus Designs to explore architectural and interior design they felt connected to. The result? A powerful and confident colour palette that helps to ground and lighten the energy of the space – perfect for a room you wish to make a statement. For Strong Haven, the Nexus Designs team wanted to bring a sense of architecture through mass materiality and graphic shapes. Here’s how they did it, and how you can too.

Haymes Paint Colour Library 17 Origins Strong Haven
Walls: Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom in Chalk Clay

At a glance, Strong Haven speaks to Brutalist origins – think industrial, unusual shapes, heavy-looking materials and straight lines – which are made to feel liveable and secure by introducing natural textures and warmer neutrals. Those neutrals are characterised by deeper mid-tones that have a predominately ochre undertone.

To create balance, introducing texture such as Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom in Chalk Clay creates interest across large surfaces and provides a softening to the hardness of architectural spaces. Additional textures such as those found in natural wood grains and subtle nuances in tonations allows the beauty of Strong Haven to be adaptable, working in both large and small spaces, as well as commercial or residential environments.

Haymes Paint Colour Library 17 Origins Heritage Hues 2
Walls: Haymes Artisan Surface Bloom in Chalk Clay
Sideboard: Colour ‘Haigh’s’. Product used Haymes Paint Ultratrim® in High Gloss 

Upcycling a piece of furniture like a sideboard, buffet or chair is the perfect way to introduce a colour from this palette in a non-comital way: for instance, if you don’t want to transform the entire space or you are renting. As featured in this image (above), a second-hand sideboard was given a new lease on life with a coat of ‘Haigh’s’ in a gloss finish. This brought further textural dimension and really offered a striking presence in a large space. So, if you’re looking to update your space into something that feels

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Strong Haven BO Stack FINAL 900x 900x.png 1

Featured colours

Chalk Clay
Grey Shadow