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| 12th September 2023

Solid Ground Palette: Reconnect with the environment

We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated Haymes Paint Colour Library Origins Volume 17 – a captivating journey through the latest trends in colour for 2024. 

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The Solid Ground palette celebrates the natural essences of the worldly traveller. Drawing inspiration from earthy tones and natural materials like terracotta and stone, this palette oozes sophistication.

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Walls: Colour 'Pulp White 6'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions Interior in Low Sheen

We want you to feel a sense of adventure while embracing a deep connection to the environment with this palette. That deep connection is demonstrated by how Solid Ground connects an indoor space with the outdoors. You’ll notice how the green of the rug ties in with ‘Mulga’ on the walls and bench panels plus the greenery of the outdoor area, blurring the lines between nature and house.

This palette is strong yet still minimal; picture earthy, rich and robust tones that feel organic and have depth and intensity. Inspired by lush rainforests or exotic places like the Amazon, Solid Ground exudes natural habitats and calm spaces. 

To incorporate this palette in your own space, try selecting the same hero colours used here – like ‘Mulga’ which works beautifully as a feature wall in the outdoor bar and a colour applied to other key elements like bench panelling or cabinetry. A neutral colour like ‘Pulp White 6’ lifts and lightens the space when applied all over and complements ‘Mulga’ well – as used here in on the exterior walls and again in the dining room. Warmer tones like ‘Deep Buff’ or ‘Worn Red’ are both beautiful earthy options too – and can help a larger space feel more intimate if you wish to use one of them as the all-over colour.  

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Exterior Walls: Colour 'Pulp White 6'. Product used Haymes Paint Solashield
Interior Walls: Colour 'Mulga'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions Interior 

Solid Ground pairs perfectly with the warmth of wooden elements. Woodcare stains in Teak and Mahogany were used to link the colours together and create a harmonious environment. Available for both interior and exterior applications, the Haymes Paint Woodcare range allows the home to link from the inside out in a subtle yet impactful manner. 

Deep maroons, olives, and terracottas will all complement each other nicely; look for rugs, greenery or teak furniture – even a leather couch or ottoman will feel right at home within this palette. Don’t be afraid to incorporate clashing textures, especially if they feel organic and earthy – these different finishes will help enhance the overall rugged and wild mood of the palette. Incorporating a similar colourway across your outdoor furniture and styling will also help aid in bringing the indoors outside and vice versa. 

To add depth to the room and highlight the fireplace, the wall has been painted with a flat finish as opposed to the fireplace which has an Artisan Collection Surface finish in the same shade. The use of texture within the same colour also helps accentuate the earthiness of the fireplace and create a harmonious narrative within the communal space.  

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Left Image Wall: Colour 'Mulga'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions Interior in Low Sheen
Right Image Wall: Artisan Collection Surface in 'Pulp White 6'

This combination of colours is nice and easy to assimilate into any space, not just what we’re chatting about here. Take your living room for example: when these tones are used together they offer a relaxed and calming ambience. In your bedroom, you could select just one colour that would work beautifully and provide a restful and intimate space. How you choose to interpret Solid Ground is completely up to you – the versatility of colours means it can work just about anywhere!  

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