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| 12th September 2023

Retro Mash Up Palette: An eclectic aesthetic

We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated Haymes Paint Colour Library Origins Volume 17 – a captivating journey through the latest trends in colour for 2024.

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Retro Mash Up is the epitome of dopamine decor. What’s that? The concept of filling your home with colours that make you feel happy and express your personality – and we could all do with a little dopamine hit. So, if you’re looking to push the envelope and try an eclectic aesthetic then Retro Mash Up is for you. Knowing Josh & Matt's passion for big, bold, bright colours in every room of their home, we invited them to showcase how they would incorporate the Retro Mash Up palette into their home on some key pieces. So, take a leaf out of their book!

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Haymes Paint Colour Library Volume 17 Origins Retro Mashu Up
Walls: Colour 'Modesty White'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen

What’s old is new again with this theme. We’re talking about a beautiful clash of the decades and a wild mix of vintage styles that are easily blended with modern trends. Retro Mash Up invites you to take a look back at the origins of design eras through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and approach them in exciting new ways. We want you to re-invent and re-imagine with confidence.

Think a graphic mix of hues and in terms of colour, anything goes – don’t be afraid to break some rules and go boldly. The beauty of this palette is you can customise it depending on how many colours you want to incorporate into your space. You may wish to only choose one or two and build from there, slowly incorporating more elements through styling and furniture pieces. Adding a bright white into the mix – like ‘Modesty White’ – makes this palette truly versatile and helps those bright colours really pop too.

Retro Mash Up Lounge

Haymes Paint Colour Library 17 Origins Retro Mash Up

Walls: Colour 'Lillian'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen
Chair: Colour 'Silken’. Product used Haymes Paint UltraCover® Prep Coat and Haymes Paint Ultratrim® in High Gloss 

Bold colour blocking is key, it injects personality and dimension and playfully pairs unexpected colours together – like the lilac of ‘Lillian’ and deep orange of ‘Silken’. When used singularly they are brave decisions, but when brought together and styled with patterns and geometric shapes, it creates a visual harmony. In other words, a vibrant feast for the eyes!

Given this palette is a mish-mash of yesteryear styles and materials in the present, think about how you can layer interesting pieces like shaggy carpets, velvet couches and glossy tables in addition to what you choose to apply on the walls. Speaking of furniture, nothing says vintage like upcycling an original vintage piece and reinterpreting it for the modern day. For this palette, we used ‘Silken' in Haymes Paint Ultratrim® High Gloss to jazz up the dining table chairs – doing this meant we could lean into the overall theme but didn’t have to commit to anything long-term (a perfect project for renters!).

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