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| 12th September 2023

New Terrain Palette: Create a holiday feeling

We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated Haymes Paint Colour Library Origins Volume 17 – a captivating journey through the latest trends in colour for 2024.

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If you could create that quintessential holiday feeling in a room, New Terrain would be the palette. This theme centres around escapism – inviting you to tune out and slow right down. It features peaceful and comforting neutrals, sun-drenched whites and earthy terracotta hues to help showcase shifting shades and small nuances that happen in the changing light of the day. Tones are warm, welcoming and comfortable, with soft gentle neutrals, like ‘Warm Breeze’ or ‘Coconut Grove’, mixed with sun-drenched bone whites like ‘White Wash 1’. The earthy terracotta of ‘Rust’ and soft sunset lilac of ‘Blossoming 1’ creates the perfect holiday-inspired aesthetic and a playful pastel touch.  

 New Terrain 9
Walls: Artisan Collection, Sand - Gradient 2 

The Layered Earth application method of Artisan products creates an organic, and washed appearance inspired by the layering of raw environmental materials. Within a space, this works to create a dimensional element without the permanency and cost of earth-derived materials. The added benefit of the ‘Layered Earth’ finish is that it can be applied on interior and exterior facades, creating a holistic flow to the building.

New Terrain Layered Earth 2
Walls: New Haymes Paint Artisan Collection Layered Earth Application using Artisan Collection Rendercoat and Artisan Collection Scumble Wash

The base layer is applied using a mitt and trowel allowing the applicator to create an almost completely unique finish each time. With this control, a fine subtle finish through to a deep textured finish can be achieved. Artisan Scumble Wash is then washed over the layers, allowing for unique colour combinations and a specified finish depending on your preference.

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Wall: New Haymes Paint Artisan Collection Layered Earth Application using Artisan Collection Rendercoat and Artisan Collection Scumble Wash

When thinking about other ways to incorporate textures, keep them earthy and organic – linen, light-coloured stone and oak wood will work nicely alongside finishes that feel fluid like natural facets of a landscape. What this might look like from a styling perspective is choosing pieces that not only tie in with the colours featured here but also have a matte, faded or washed appearance.  
Try incorporating native flora in naturalistic ceramic vases, hand-formed objects (like lamps or trays) that feel fluid and modern, woven rugs and soft, cosy throws. We also love the idea of choosing a few paint colours to transform plant pots – a nice easy way to lean into the theme without a drastic change.  

New Terrain 11

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Walls: Colour 'White Wash 1' and 'Adobe'Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen
Walls Bottom Right: Walls: Artisan Collection, Sand - Gradient 2 

New Terrain is really about evoking feelings of deep contentment and calm – creating a space of rest and relaxation that’s akin to being on a holiday. So, whether you have a holiday home that needs a refresh, or you want your house to feel like a holiday home, New Terrain is the palette for you.  

Specifiers can request Origins palette brushouts here → 

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Featured colours

Blossoming 1
Sharing 4
Whitewash 1