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| 12th September 2023

New Narratives Palette: Reimagine the past in the present

We are thrilled to present the highly anticipated Haymes Paint Colour Library Origins Volume 17 – a captivating journey through the latest trends in colour for 2024.

Retro Mash Up Palette 2

Produced alongside our Partners in Design, Colour and Style, Adairs. Here is a palette that embraces the comfort of our past by utilising colours and patterns that recreate a nostalgic feeling. This colour palette wholeheartedly welcomes feelings of nostalgia. It’s about drawing upon our roots to create a new sense of belonging through storytelling and history.

New Terrain 8

Walls: Colour 'Organic 2'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen

New Narratives invites a familiar sense of calm with pops of bright pastels and bolder tones that work cohesively. Picture those familiar spaces from times gone by; from the pale blue of your childhood bedroom to the cotton candy-coloured tiles in your grandparents’ 1960s bathroom, these hues will take you back and allow you to reinterpret the past in the present. New Narratives brings this into 2024 through a reinvigorated colour palette in unexpected ways.

New Terrain 7

Blog square 600 400 px
Walls: Colour 'Clare De Lune'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen
Cornice: Colour ‘Heat’. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen
Ceiling: Colour 'Nanette’. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen

By using Haymes Paint Expressions Interior in ‘Nanette’ on the ceiling and ‘Heat’ on the cornices, your eye is drawn up, creating a sense of wonder in this bedroom space.

Consider what feels nostalgic to you, this could be in the form of colours but also textures and materials that feel familiar. Think textured cushions, cosy throws that have a handmade quality or pieces of vintage furniture that you feel a connection to.

New Terrain 6

Blog square 600 500 px 2
Walls: Colour 'Pale Cordovan'. Product used Haymes Paint Expressions® Interior in Low Sheen
Cornice: Woodcare in 'English Tea'

The colours in this palette are predominately subdued to help create a warm, welcoming feeling. ‘Clare De Lune’ and ‘Pale Cordovan’ give understated vibrancy and are a nod to recognisable tones we may have experienced growing up. The inclusion of ‘Heat’ or ‘Debonair’ each adds an unexpected touch of brightness; If you’re feeling a little bold, you can draw attention to architectural details such as cornice or ceiling by using a contrasting colour from the palette to make these a focus.

If the idea of painting a wall isn’t for you, these colours can be easily introduced through furnishings and objects like cushions, vases or a feature chair that ties into the overall warm and welcoming space. On the subject of warmth - when we speak to warm versus cool-toned colours, we’re referring to warm being those in the red, orange and yellow families. These typically breathe energy, positivity and a sense of happiness and passion into a room. Cool-toned colours are those in the green, blue and purple families; these typically evoke feelings of relaxation, calm and being nurtured.

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Adairs Products Shown:
Miller Lounge Chairs 
Cygnet Oak Coffee Table 
Sorbet Sienna Vase 
Oasis Pastel Dreaming Canvas 

Blue Bedroom:
Vintage Washed White Ruffle Pillowcase 
Sadie Oak Bedside Table 
Giglio Vase 

Pink Bedroom:
Stonewashed Cotton Coverlet 
Side Tables 
Belgian Dusty Rose Vintage Washed Linen Cushion 
Marcella Natural Mirror 

Featured colours

Clare De Lune
Pale Cordovan
Organic 2