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| 28th November 2016

A Brighton Federation Home Makeover

Choosing colour options for your home is often more difficult that originally imagined. Between all the different colour palettes, styling options and types of paint available, the process can be daunting. We followed the journey of Amber Philips from Bayside Melbourne, who worked with a Haymes Online Colour Consultant to redesign her lounge room and master bedroom.

Amber's 1900s Federation home was last decorated over 10 years ago, with both rooms in need of some colour and styling inspiration. Amber's brief to Colour and Concept Manager Wendy Rennie, one of three Haymes Colour Consultants was to refresh the space with green-grey tones, channeling a contemporary and calm vibe, which also worked with the rest of the house.

Brighton federation home 1
Wall colour Haymes Jade Cream

What were you after with your colour consultation?

The bedroom was a bit bland. I had been meaning to decorate it for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to it. I wanted to introduce a base palette that provided a subtle contrast against a few pieces of art and accessories. As we obviously use this the space daily, the room needed to remain functional, but I also wanted a serene and calm space to retire to.

I felt our lounge room was a bit tired and dark, definitely needing a revamp. I wanted to 'de-brown' the lounge room and create an elegant and inviting space against the natural light coming in through the double windows. We use this space a lot during winter with friends, so it was important to keep the function of the room in mind when thinking about colour.


DSC 6637


Brighton federation home 2 after
Wall colour Haymes Foam Forest

Colour and Concept Manager Wendy Rennie spoke to Amber about what she wanted for her space, and assessed the function of the rooms, the existing furniture and the style Amber was looking for.

"A Haymes Colour Consultant takes into consideration a lot of factors, from what the rooms are being used for, the style or period of the home, to the current furniture," Wendy said. "It's important to think about how the spaces are being used holistically to then recommend the best palette for the space."

"When it came to Amber's bedroom, she wanted a cool green-grey colour that was refreshing and calming, but would also would work with the room's purpose. She had lots of colours in mind, so we just needed to hone in on those few colours that could work in the space."


DSC 6626


Brighton federation home 3 after
Wall colour Haymes Jade Cream

Brighton federation home 4 after
Wall colour Haymes Jade Cream

Amber, how did you find the colour consultation process?

I found the online colour consultation process super easy. It helped me make a decision and get paint on my walls far quicker than in the past. I knew I wanted a grey-green, but was stuck choosing the right shades for the different rooms, and against the varying degrees of natural light. Wendy guided me in choosing the right tones and we narrowed down the selection to a few colours. She then sent out some painted brush-outs for me to check the colours against the walls. It all happened in less than a week and on my time, without too much running around.

Brighton federation home 5 after
Wall colour Haymes Foam Forest

Brighton federation home 6 after
Wall colour Haymes Jade Cream

Wendy and Amber together decided on Foam Forest for the lounge room, the perfect tone to create an intimate, moody space. For the bedroom, they decided on Jade Cream, a lighter green that suited the daily use of the room.

swatch jade cream 

swatch foam forest

Amber's bedroom had beautiful architectural features which were lost in the former colours. Wendy chose a crisp white, Haymes Greyology 1 to contrast against the Jade Cream, which made the fireplace pop from the wall, highlighting it's decorative features.


DSC 6643


Brighton federation home 7 after
Wall colour Haymes Foam Forest

Every Haymes Colour Consultation comes with a pack including a colour schedule detailing proposed colour palettes, painted brushouts of your selected colours, a sample pot voucher and plenty more material to help you along the way in making your colour decisions.

what you get consult

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Photography by Fiona Storey and products by Fenton and Fenton.