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| 10th November 2022

How to incorporate 2023 Colour Forecast 'Energy Shifts' into your home

Re-energise with the Live Wire palette

Full of bright and bold colours, ‘Live Wireembraces breaking rules and refreshing old influences into new contexts. From bright blues to vivid orange and warmer tones, it’s the perfect palette to be bold and bring out your own individual creativity. 

Inspiration for this palette was drawn from the 60s, 70s and 80s, with white returning in this palette serving as a base to allow the other colours to take centre stage. To build on the theme of reinventing the norm, pair these colourful hues with fun elements from chairs, throws and furniture using a variety of patterns and textures to completely transform your space.  

With a vivid and striking palette such as this, our number one styling tip is to choose a colour you love and build on from there and don’t forget to add elements of white to allow the space to feel light and airy.

Haymes Live Wire 2 LR Haymes Live Wire 8 HR

Left: Haymes ‘Modesty White 

Right: Haymes ‘Silken’,Blue Sapphire’ and ‘Modesty White 

Go bold by adding dark wood and some retro-inspired patterns and greenery. Explore your creativity and have a fun take on your 60s and 70s vibe or keep it minimal, but still introduce elements of the 80s-inspired furniture. ‘Modesty White’ paired with yellows and greens creates a fresh vibe to any space! 

COL0938 Colour Forecast Social Media Mood Boards600 x 400 px

Channel your sense of playfulness with the Light Play palette

'Light Play is a fun and diverse colour palette that brings a fresh sense of vitality and energy, the only limit is your imagination. With unexpected colour combinations of intense shades and newer colours that offer depth and intimacy, it’s truly a partnership that reinvigorates your home.  

With an array of colour choices from greens and blues to earthier tones, it reflects our desire to continue our connection with nature.  

This palette features vivid and contrasting colours, and for those looking to be bolder, but are still unsure, we recommend choosing a ‘mini palette’ and working off that. Choosing one colour to be the centre and accommodating it through key statement pieces can make the space more liveable. If the idea of contrast sparks your interest but you still want it to be subtle, then consider adding contrast through texture on rugs,  and introducing other colours in objects and décor.

Haymes Light Play 11 LR Haymes Light Play 15 LR

Left: Haymes ‘Botanist Green 13 

Right: Haymes ‘Faith 

COL0938 Colour Forecast Social Media Mood Boards600 x 400 px3

Carefully Nurtured palette

Taking its cue from the science of colour psychology, the 'Carefully Nurtured' palette takes a step to a new future, creating a space that produces harmony, with a strong sense of calm that is versatile enough to translate across both homes and commercial settings.  

There are many ways to work with this palette to create the perfect colour combination. Haymes Adobe’ is an earthy peach shade that has a beautiful warmth, and an inviting and sunny colour. Pairing these warmer tones with textures and fabrics is one of the most practical ways to use it, such as neutral linens, and earthy tones in cushions and throws – all the items you’re already likely to have at home!  

For a more neutral colour – ‘Seed’ has a warm tone to it and paired with natural materials like wood and leather combined with greenery is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in, creating the ultimate relaxed sanctuary feel for your home

Haymes Care Nurt 7 LR Haymes Care Nurt 3 LR

Much like ‘Light Play’ and ‘Live Wire’, creating ‘mini palettes’ within this palette is key. The versatility of these colours within this palette ensures the combinations of styles are endless.  

 COL0938 Colour Forecast Social Media Mood Boards600 x 400 px5

The key to creating the ultimate space is to harness the right energy within your own home. Consider how you feel about the colour and how each of the spaces within your home is used and respond by picking colours that create rest where rest is needed, warmth and relaxation in communal areas and something special in zones where you want to feel transported out of the everyday routine.   

Now it’s time to create your perfect Energy Shift! 

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Featured colours

Botanist Green 13
Blue Sapphire
Modesty White