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| 1st November 2019

Introducing Calibrate: Haymes Colour Library Volume 13

We’re so excited to launch our newest addition to the Haymes Colour Library, Volume 13 CALIBRATE. CALIBRATE contains three different palettes all focussing on different tones and hues that link back to embracing change in a positive and sustainable way.

Have you ever wanted to stop and smell the roses? With a global state of change socially, environmentally and technologically, we need to feel empowered to stop and do just that. That is where CALIBRATE comes in!

Wendy Rennie, Haymes Colour and Concept Manager, says that “our new CALIBRATE palette encompasses thoughts around aligning your home to your true core beliefs and priorities for the future with a positive spin on interiors being a place that can nurture, uplift and empower you to live your best life”. So, let’s get into the palettes!

0345 Vol 13 launch image3

Finding a balance is among the many demands of our everyday lives and is where we need to find our EQUILIBRIUM. The tones of the EQUILIBRIUM palette explore our powerful connection to nature, bringing it to the forefront of interior spaces. 

Equalibrium 1080 x 1080 2 Equalibrium 1080 x 1080 3 
Walls: Haymes Expressions Interior in Abstract Mood and Stoneware.

Green is the colour that bridges and connects, whilst fresh mint tones sit alongside earthy tones providing tension between the two. Finding an EQUILIBRIUM. The two sit together in a way that feels calm, refreshing and effortless, showing how both can live together seamlessly infusing a fresh and balanced approach. Much like nature and new technology.

Equalibrium 1080 x 1920 2 
Walls: Haymes Expressions Interior in Pale Cordovan.

POSITIVE LIGHT is the second palette in Haymes’ new Colour Library Vol. 13. Here we explore the idea that nature is powerful and also fragile through the deep blue tones and lighter shades. We can minimise our environmental impact and footprint by delving deeper into conscious decision-making. By educating ourselves to make choices that contribute back to our environment, we are casting a POSITIVE LIGHT.

Positive Light 1080 x 1080 1 Positive Light 1080 x 1080 4 
Walls: Haymes Expressions Interior in Royal Fair and Debonair. Floors: Ultimate Seamless flooring in Solace.

Our last palette HOME GROWN is all about embracing comfort within your own home. Navigating a fast-paced, driven lifestyle encourages us to look inwards and towards our own homes as a place of sanctuary and refuge. The neutrals in this palette are skin toned and hue towards a beautiful soft range of browns with red undertones. They are rich and soothing which help to create harmony within the home through embracing comfort.

Home Grown 1080 x 1920 5 Home Grown 1080 x 1920 2 Home Grown 1080 x 1920 6
Walls: Haymes Expressions Interior in Refuge 3 and Sparrow.

If you would like some expert advice on utilising the Haymes Colour Library Volume 13 in your home, arrange an appointment with one of our professional colour consultants or visit our website.

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Thanks to our suppliers Arttoart, Eleanor Millard, Josh Fartch, Laura White, Sara Rowe, Aura, Bobby Clark, Bonnie and Neil, Canvas + Sasson, Coco Flip, Cone11 Ceramics, Cultiver, Globe West, Halcyon Lake, Hay, House of Orange, Ingrain, Jardan, Kazari + Ziguzagu, Mud Australia, Nord Mordern, Pepite, Clae Studio, Emily Ellis, La Petite Frabrique de Brunswick, Simone Karras, Seljak, Southwood and Tide Design.

Photography by Annette O’Brien and styling by Ruth Welsby.

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