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9th May 2023

From Dark to Light: Transforming your home with paint

Interior Designer Alison Lewis’s Northcote House is a major transformation story. The once dark traditional weatherboard home has been flipped into a beautiful and bright space. “My aim was to transform the exterior by bringing back period features… while introducing an abundance of natural light into the renovated areas” Alison said.

During her journey, Alison used Haymes Paint Colour Consultancy service to assist with the dark to light colour transformation. Not only was this transformation a drastic tonal change but it was also an extremely technically challenging. “The front of the house is west facing so we (Alison and Haymes Paint Colour Consultant) talked about a colour that was going to feel light and bright but still have some depth to it against full sun.”

Hartley House 020 1

Kitchen cabinetry- Haymes Paint ‘Stoneware

12 Hartley 021 1Cabinetry - Haymes Paint ‘Blushing Beige
Walls - 'Organic 3'

When it comes to changing our homes it's great to get a second opinion, it helps us see the bigger picture and makes us open to new ideas. This also applies to experts like Alison, “as a designer I feel confident selecting colours and materials, but I’ll be the first one to admit that a paint colour consultant is worth their weight in gold”.

Just because something is light, it doesn’t mean it can’t have colour. The transformation was also carried to the back of the house, with Alison using green to lighten her outdoor space. “Green plays a big part in my extension colour selections, and I love how as a colour it connects so beautifully with the landscaping, so it felt natural to incorporate green into the exterior cladding colour selection as well”.

So how does one go from dark to light? And what considerations need to be taken into account before embarking on this journey?

12 Hartley 008 1

12 Hartley 004 1
After: Walls – Haymes Paint ‘Organic 3

How do you decide what colour to use?

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to colour, so Haymes Paint experts suggest considering how your desired colours work with the space you’re painting. A good way to figure out how light you want to go is to use a piece a plain white paper as your reference when comparing paint swatches. Holding up the paper to your dark wall will help give a point of reference of how warm or cold you want to go.

12 Hartley 007 3

Hartley House 013 2

After: Exterior – Colorbond ‘Pale Eucalypt

Ensuring your surface is prepped for painting is extremely important for the longevity of your paint.

If the surface is showing signs of chipping or peeling it best to sand off the existing layer to ensure the paint applies smoothly.

The next step is to clean. Whether the surface is ready for painting or needs some extra prep it’s important to ensure your surface is clean from dust and pollutants to ensure your new paint applies smoothly and has a longer life.

Once your surface has been sanded, go in with a primer, such as the Haymes Paint Ultracover, to ensure the paint adheres effectively to the surface. If you’re painting on an existing layer its best to do a test layer to ensure the two paints are compatible. For any questions head to your local Haymes Paint Shop and ask for help from one of our Colour Consultants.

12 Hartley 006 1

Hartley House 025 2

After: Hallway – Haymes Paint ‘Organic 3

Now that it’s go time, remember that a few coats may be required to achieve full opacity when painting a light hue over a darker colour. However, each paint differs from the next so make sure to paint until you are satisfied.

Everyone's paint journey is different and that’s why Haymes Paint is here to help. This dark to light colour story is one that took time and patience. With the help of Haymes Paint experts and products, Alison was able to transform her space into one that is open, light, and welcoming. Start your colour story with the Haymes Paint team today

 12 Hartley 012 2 1

Hartley House 041 2

After: Exterior – Haymes Paint ‘Baked Clay
Trims & Fence – Haymes Paint ‘Intrigue

To see more of Alison's work, head to her Instagram page: @alisonlewisinteriors