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12th May 2022

50 Shades of White

Deciding on white walls for your house may seem like the most straightforward decision you’ll ever have to make when renovating but in reality, it can be quite the challenge.

Haymes’ Colour range features over 100 varied whites, ranging from warm to cool whites and everything in between. In this article, Haymes Paints Colour and Concepts Manager, Wendy Rennie, breaks down how to go about choosing the perfect shade of White for your home. 

Minimilist ccexpress Pulp White ccexpress 

Haymes Paint Minimalist 1 (left image) a great backdrop, not to warm or cool and sits well with the character features

Haymes Paint Pulp White 1 (Right Image) enhances the warmth of the wood tones and provides the perfect sunny outlook.

How Do you want the space to feel?

The most important thing to consider when selecting a shade of white for a space is how you want people to feel when they walk into a room.  Whatever your intention is, it’s important to remember that the shade of white you choose has the power to heavily dictate not only the style of the room but also its mood and tone.  Warmer toned whites can have a calming, soothing effect on people whereas cooler-toned whites can make people feel more alert and awake.

Lighting is key

Cooler whites can be polarising due to their ‘sterile’ reputation, however, when used in spaces where the light is more diffused, cooler tones can work beautifully to add freshness and airiness to a space.

For this reason, Wendy recommends using Haymes Paints’ ‘Greyology 1’ orArtist’s Grey 1 to lighten-up spaces lacking in light.

Header image ccexpress Haymes Calibrate9844 Gemmola LR ccexpress 

Haymes Paint Greyology 1 (right image) works well in a contemporary space giving a great compliment to the black fire surround.

Haymes Paint Artist Grey 1 (left image) is used to create a bright, open, and airy feel for the dining space.

On the contrary, whites with warm undertones work to absorb bright light, whereas cool-toned paints will reflect.  This helps to soften a bright space and give it a more relaxed, cosy feel.  Whites that have an obvious warm base, such as an earthy yellow ochre or raw umber, work particularly well with the natural sunlight to give the home a lived-in feel. 

Haymes 22 HR 2 My project 4

Haymes Paint Blended (left-hand image) is used on this sunshine coast to create a relaxed vibe

Haymes Paint Pale Mushroom 2 (right-hand image) is used in the master bedroom of this Northcote House to compliment the organic timber and soft ochre tones of the room.

Consider textures and materials

Often paint colours are the first design choice to be made about a room or space, but it’s important to also consider how colour will complement the other materials in a house and tie everything together before making your selection.

Wendy recommends opting for a warmer toned white in spaces with accents of wood.  She suggests that slightly more complex whites with organic undertones have the ability to pick up other surface colours and reflect the natural quality of those textures, inadvertently giving the room a more harmonious, blended effect. 

Alternatively, the cooler tones work really well in contemporary spaces with square set ceiling lines and hard-edged architecture things like black finishes, concrete, gloss finishes and reflective surfaces all sit well with the cooler whites.

More about these products


Haymes Paints ‘Greyology 1’
This is our number one seller because it perfectly complements a contemporary style and minimalist look and feel.

Haymes Paints ‘Artist’s Grey 1’
A soft and muted grey-based white that has the slightest hint of a green undertone, adding a refreshed and energising feel to any room.

Haymes Paint ‘Classic Grey 1’
A cool grey based white that is bright and crisp in feel but also has enough complexity to apply to both new and old homes.


Haymes Paints ‘Blended’
The perfect bone coloured white that works well with natural materials and adds a sense of comfort to a space

Haymes Paint  ‘Pale Mushroom 2’

A warm and timeless earthy tone that adds a great backdrop for both contemporary and classic character homes. This shade blends to reflect the qualities of the materials it is paired with, bringing everything in the home together with ease.

Haymes Paints ‘Inviting Breeze’

An earthy and warm tone that is great for adding a relaxed and casual vibe to any space.