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26th May 2020

7 Top Tips for Working from Home!

By Wendy Rennie

Working from home is something that many people have done for years. However, during recent times more and more of us find ourselves having to do it and we’re not properly set up to do so. If you’re like me and your dining room table is your dedicated working from home space, then you’ll feel my pain.

Here are my top tips for working from home successfully (even when the kids are home).

Tip 1: Set up your work station in the morning and pack it up at night. This helps you to feel like you're logging in and out, which is really important for being able to feel productive during the day and switching off at night to be with your family or housemates.

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Tip 2: This flows on from tip 1, but use a storage box or large plastic tub to put your items in like your laptop, notebooks, diary and pens. This helps you pack up and set up the start and finish of your day.

Tip 3: Inject some fun and colour into your home office. If you have some paint lying around that you can use that’s great. If not use some fabric, wrapping paper or print off some patterns or quotes you love and hang them up.

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Tip 4: Do you have kids at home? Claim your space and keep it kid free. I know this sounds hard but trust me. Set them up somewhere else, give them their own work/activity stations so they know their space is theirs and yours is yours.

Tip 5: Also, for those of you who have kids or even pets. Schedule in regular breaks to play with them so they can have your undivided attention and you can switch off. A great idea is to set up a roster or day plan for them so they can feel like they have choices. Breaks are important for the whole family so you feel you're able to come back fresh to tackle the tasks at hand.

Tip 6: Clean and declutter your space! Keeping your working from home zone free from clutter helps to keep your mind focused and blocks out any distractions like chores. By keeping the space clean and organised it helps to keep you focused and productive.

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Tip 7: Create a mood board or collage of things that inspire you so you have some visual cues to keep the creative juices running and spark some positivity in your day. Things like photos, textures, flowers, colour and fabrics are great options to get you started. All you need is some white card or any kind of display board.