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| 29th May 2018

How To Minimise Painting Mishaps

If you’re a first time DIYer, paint drips and splatters are almost guaranteed. A wise man once said that prevention is always better than the cure, so we have rounded up a list of our favourite painting accessories to help minimise paint mishaps.

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1. Drop Sheet
Avoid paint drips landing on your floor by using a good quality drop sheet. Canvas is usually the choice of professionals, as they are durable, reusable and thick enough to soak up paint splatter. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective or disposable solution, a plastic or paper drop sheet will get the job done.

2. Painter’s Tape
Use painter’s tape along walls, ceiling edges and trims to create precise lines and protect from unwanted paint drips. Make sure that your surface is clean and dry otherwise the tape won’t adhere, and never apply to paint that isn’t fully cured. To ensure that your fresh paintwork doesn’t flake off when removing the tape, make sure to remove the tape while the new coat of paint is still wet.

3. Paint Roller
Choosing a good quality paint roller or brush will help to avoid paint drips, as well as save you time. Talk to your local Haymes Paint stockist who will be able to recommend the best paint roller or brush depending on the project you are taking on.