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| 11th May 2016

Botanical colours bursting from new Haymes wallpaper

Haymes recently worked with Louise Jones, Melbourne-based pattern and illustration designer, for Collaborate, one of the palettes in the new Haymes Colour Library.

Louise’s artwork is characterised by bursts of colour, botanical motifs and clean lines. We were thrilled when Louise agreed to come on board to create a hand painted botanical wallpaper, to complement an extremely rich and bold colour palette in the new Colour Library.

We caught up with graphic designer, illustrator, pattern designer, mum and garden wanderer about the collaboration and her work.

 Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27193

What inspired you to start illustrating?

“I started as a junior graphic designer in a small studio, and was given the opportunity to work with a range of clients, creating illustrative wall graphics. This uncovered my love of illustration and patterns.  It inspired me to pursue launching my own business creating patterns.”

After five years of running her own business, Louise now has a collection of pattern designs which have been used for wallpapers, upholstery fabric and clothing. Louise uses a combination of water colour painting, illustration and her own photography. Her work features flora and fauna subjects, echoing her belief that nothing rivals nature’s beauty.

What influences your work?

“I grew up surrounded by my mother’s flourishing garden, and that love of gardens inspired my work. I regularly treat myself to an outing with my camera to a park or garden to simply wander, taking pictures of the flowers and plants in season. This is a constant source of inspiration for my work.” 

Louise also takes inspiration from interiors and interior design, particularly when she finds a lovely mix of interesting materials, colours and textures.

 Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27219

Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27243

Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27334

Tell us about the Haymes wallpaper you created?

“The brief from Haymes was a dream! To create a hand painted botanical wallpaper using a rich and bold palette from the new Collaborate palette.” 

With an earth palette combining smudgy greens, soft crumbly browns and sunshine yellow, Louise began the design with a series of delicate hand painted botanical motifs using foraged native plants and flowers.

“I went back to mum’s garden for inspiration and a few cuttings. I found the banksia flower one afternoon wandering around the backstreets of Richmond.”

Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27329

Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27326

Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27301

Louise then scanned the final drawings and created the final pattern by layering and repeating the designs on a separate background.

Vibrant yellow wattle, soft white flannel flower and gum nuts all make an appearance in the striking wallpaper, showcased on a canvas of midnight blue, aptly names ‘Light Off’

 Gemmola Haymes LouiseJonesStudio 27258

 pattern 2


For more information about the Haymes Collaboration Colour Library, please click here.

Photography by Martina Gemmola. 

Visit Louise at www.louisejones.com.au, or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/louise.jones_/ . An array of beautiful images, glimpses into her creative process and current and completed projects.