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8th March 2023

Give Yourself The Gift of Colour

Haymes Paint’s Colour Consultation Service 

Choosing the right colour for your home can be daunting and hard to navigate alone. Many different factors such as lighting, space and furnishings can influence how a colour ends up looking on the wall. A white is never just a white. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Haymes Paints online and in-person Colour Consultation is designed to guide and support you through the process to help you make the right colour choice for your home or business.  

Recently, TheBlock Alumni, Jesse and Mel Raeburn used the Colour Consultation service to help identify the perfect neutral shade for their newly renovated period home. Erin, Haymes Paint’s Colour Consultant guided them through every step of the selection process, helping them reach a decision that they felt confident in.

38 Henry St 27 web 
(Feature Wall - Haymes Paint 'Stingray Grey'
(Wall - Haymes Paint 'Aura')

1.      How was your experience using the Haymes Paint Colour Consultation Service? 

The colour consultation was extremely helpful and reassuring when it came to deciding on the paint colours for our new home. Our home has an old Victorian façade and a renovated back, so we had to choose colours that complimented the period style of the front, but also worked with the contemporary look of the extension. Having Erin come on-site, and sample different shades allowed us to see the colours in situ, which meant we could see how different samples responded to the lighting in certain rooms. We discovered that paint colours can look different in the fluorescent, harsh light of the store compared to in the half-light of a dimly lit bedroom - so this process really helped us make the right decision and feel confident with it too! You just can’t get that kind of experience or reassurance in store. 
2.      How did Erin’s input impact your overall decision and did it change what you originally had in mind?  

Well originally, we were going have every wall in the master as a dark feature colour, but Erin advised against that because bedrooms in period homes tend to already lack light and she said the darker colour choice would cause it to feel too dark. So, we only did the one feature wall which was by far the best choice. Even the white ended up being different to what we initially planned which was just a plain builder’s white. Erin advised us that this white can show up too bright and hospital-like so she recommended ‘Marble Mist’ instead which has more warmth for a softer finish. 

38 Henry St 53 web 1     
(Walls - Haymes Paint 'Marble Mist'
(Ceiling- Haymes Paint 'Light Frost')

3.    What kind of advice did she give?   

That two tone is very popular in period homes which we were thinking as well, but Erin confirmed that for us and made us feel really confident in that decision, so we knew we were on the right path. She also reiterated the importance of not assuming that all whites are the same. Some are warm and some are cool, some are grey, and some are even green based! I don’t think I’ll ever just see white as white again.

38 Henry St 31 web2
(Wall - Haymes Paint 'Aura')

4.     What colours did you end up choosing? 

We chose ’Stingray Grey’ for the master bedroom feature wall and ‘Aura’ on the other walls in the period section of the home. We also chose ‘Marble Mist’ for the cornice and skirting & architraves. 

5.   Did it make the process easier at all? 

Absolutely. Being able to see the colours onsite and having all of them there in front of us to compare to each other transformed the entire process from something daunting into something that was fun. Erin’s guidance and advice saved us so many trips to the paint store.  

6.    Would you recommend this service to friends?  

We would absolutely recommend using the onsite consultation. It makes decisions so much easier because you don’t have to second guess how it’s going to look in your home. Haymes Paint also do the colour consultancy online where you can live chat with one of their colour consultants before going into store. Couldn’t recommend it more highly!