25th February 2021


It can seem daunting when choosing the right colour for your home, so we’ve put together some paint schemes for the exterior. Our Colour Scheming Cards show you the same space, with three different colour scheming options, designed to inspire and give you a place to start your journey.

Download our Haymes Exterior Scheming “Card A” here or visit your closest Haymes Paint Shop or Haymes Paint stockist today.

Let’s take a look at Exterior Colour Scheme A below.

Scheme 1

Haymes colours ‘Stoneware’, ‘Barely There’ and ‘Deep Brunswick Green’ create a truly traditional scheme, highlighting both the era and the colours of the time to bring it to its true potential.

Scheming Guide Dabs3

Haymes colours used: on the Shingles Haymes ‘Stoneware’. Walls, Window Trim, Fascia and Chimney Haymes ‘Barely There’. Guttering and Awning Haymes ‘Deep Brunswick Green’.

Bring your garden to the forefront with lush greens flowing against soft neutrals for a relaxing escape.

Like many things in life, preparation is the key to success. So, there’s no surprise that there are important steps to take when preparing to paint the exterior of your home.

Use our Haymes Paint Ultra-Premium Solashield Exterior for the ultimate protection against the elements. Haymes Solashield is an Ultra-Premium Exterior acrylic available in Gloss, Satin, Low Sheen and Matt, that is suitable for all exterior surfaces and offers a 20-year performance guarantee*

Scheme 2

A contemporary approach to a heritage home. With Haymes colours ‘Warm Brown’, ‘Chimney Ash’ and ‘Pulp White 6’.

The darker accent colour, Haymes ‘Chimney Ash’ is used with reserve to highlight the main body of the home through contrast, giving great street appeal.

Scheming Guide Dabs

Haymes colours used: Walls, Fascia and Chimney are Haymes ‘Warm Brown’. Window Trim, Guttering and Awning Haymes ‘Chimney Ash’. Shingles Haymes ‘Pulp White 6’.

Our Haymes Paint Ultratrim Acrylic Enamel is a next generation, water-based enamel ideal for doors, windows and trims. Its advanced low-odour formulation provides effortless application and a tough durable finish. Available in High Gloss and Semi-Gloss finishes, it is ideal for use on timber and any trim work.

Download our Haymes Exterior Scheming Card Ahere or visit your closest Haymes Paint Shop or Haymes Paint stockist today.

Scheme 3

Scheme 3 is colour done simply. Haymes colours ‘Bush Eucalypt’, ‘Calico 5’ and ‘Fossil’ provide a subtle scheme that accentuates the features and character of the home whilst blending effortlessly into the streetscape.

Scheming Guide Dabs2

Haymes colours used: Walls and Awning Haymes ‘Bush Eucalypt’. Window Trim, Fascia, Guttering and Chimney Haymes ‘Calico 5’. Shingles are Haymes ‘Fossil’.

Need a little more help with finding the right colours for your home? Our team of colour experts are here to provide an online or in-home consultation.

Download our Haymes Exterior Scheming Card A here or visit your closest Haymes Paint Shop or Haymes Paint stockist today.

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Featured colours

Deep Brunswick Green
Bush Eucalypt
Chimney Ash
Pulp White 6