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20th March 2019

How To Wabi Sabi Your Next Interior Project

A subtle nod to Japanese design, all things 'Wabi Sabi' and embracing the perfectly imperfect, the Free Flow palette is the third exploration of colour from The Colour Library Volume 12 - Flow.

Haymes November41482 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Mortar in Rolled Straw

For the unfamiliar, Wabi Sabi isn’t a spicy sushi condiment, but a century-old approach to living coined by the Japanese. ‘Wabi Sabi’ celebrates the beauty in imperfection, a stark contrast to the ideals of beauty we celebrate in western society.

The ‘Wabi Sabi’ principle is now influencing all aspects of design, with some of the key takeaways for interior decorators to celebrate flaws, embrace nature and keep it simple.

Haymes November41516 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Mortar in Rolled Straw

Wendy Rennie, Haymes Colour and Concept Manager, says “by understanding the subtle nuances and many interpretations of the ideals of ‘Wabi Sabi’, you can achieve deeper connections with your surroundings and better embrace the environment around you.”

Wendy says, “recognising that our personal style and belongings have value, instils a sense of authenticity and humility in our homes”.

Haymes November41530 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Mortar in Rolled Straw

So how does the Free Flow palette embrace the ‘Wabi Sabi’ aesthetic? By focusing on colours that are uplifting and invigorating, like this lively yellow, you can create a space that is authentically you. The palette also incorporates natural textures like wood and stone, embracing nature and grounding the palette.

Haymes November41568 Gemmola LR
Colours used are Haymes Artisan Mortar in Rolled Straw and Haymes Artisan Rendercoat in Natural Lime

Furnishing Tip: A screen can offer multiple options for room zoning, whether you are looking to create privacy, be able to flexibly change the perimeter of a space, or create a boundary while maintaining an open and fluid space.

The best part about ‘Wabi Sabi’ is that there are no set rules, as long as there is always mindfulness in our choices, you can undoubtedly create a space that is ‘perfectly imperfect’, but perfectly unique to you.

Thank you to our suppliers Canvas + Sasson, Cone 11 Ceramics, Cultiver, Globewest, Halcyon Lake, Hale Mercantile Co., House of Orange, Hub Furniture, Open Room, Plyroom, Southwood Home, Tide Design and Wingnut + Co.

Photography by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby