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20th March 2019

A Minimalist’s Guide to Embracing the Eclectic

The eclectic sibling of the other colour palettes from The Colour Library Volume 12 - Flow, Slow Life embraces the old and the authentic, bringing the focus back to creating sentimental and meaningful spaces.

Haymes November41937 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Real Iron Brushed

Wendy Rennie, Haymes Colour and Concept Manager, says ‘embracing the old, aged, authentic or rustic offers the perfect alternative to the increasingly minimalist approach that we are seeing in interiors”.

Haymes November41976 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Real Iron Brushed

“By incorporating items that add sentimental value, we can add a sense of our true selves back into a space, something that can quite often be lost along the way when following too closely to trends”.

“When we acknowledge and cherish those things that contribute to our story so far, we also leave room for the new.”

Haymes November41945 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Real Iron Brushed

Slow Life features textured shades of iron, copper and taupe, all part of the Haymes Artisan Collection range of finishes.

Textured finishes and furnishings are a key element to creating authentic spaces, and the availability of textured wall coverings like the Artisan Collection makes it easy to incorporate subtle or bold texture to your interiors. Perfect for the minimalist wanting to corporate some subtle character into a space.

Haymes November42005 Gemmola LR
Colours used are Haymes Artisan Real Iron Brushed and Haymes Artisan Metal Trace in Blaze

Furnishing Tip: Organic materials offer a connection with our environment, while also enhancing raw and exposed elements being used in a space.

Are you ready to give our textured finishes a try? Get in touch with our expert Colour Stylist Service, and let our team help find you the perfect Artisan finish to incorporate into your home.

Thank you to our suppliers Canvas + Sasson, Cone 11 Ceramics, Cultiver, Globewest, Halcyon Lake, Hale Mercantile Co., House of Orange, Hub Furniture, Open Room, Plyroom, Southwood Home, Tide Design and Wingnut + Co.

Photography by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby