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| 26th March 2018

On The Verge

As the days get shorter and the mornings darker, so do our colour palettes. Although dark colours may be an intimidating addition to a space, when used correctly have the power to completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Vol 10 Verge 1 600x600px4
Colour used is Haymes Midnight Blue

The Verge palette is a mix of sultry, midnight greys, contrasted against pops of berry, plum and teal that elevate any space. This blend of cool tone shades works well to highlight architectural features in period homes, as well as adding depth and complexity to contemporary builds.

Vol 10 Verge 3 600x600px9
Colour used is Haymes Berry Juice

Although luxe furnishings run the risk of making a space looking overdressed, the use of dark colours adds depth and interest without overstating itself. Dark tones also work well with most existing furnishings, as they work well with pieces that both match and contrast.

Vol 10 Verge 6 600x600px6
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Soft Chalk in Strong Teal

Although it's commonly believed that dark colours make a space look smaller, quite the opposite can be true. Unlike white and bright colours that reflect light, dark colours absorb light and blur the boundaries of a space to the human eye. Dark, deep tones are also effective in adding vertical space to a room, and work well on feature walls in homes with high ceilings.

Vol 10 Verge 4 600x600px6
Colour used is Haymes Berry Juice

The Verge palette also features a selection of the Haymes Artisan collection, introducing traditionally luxe textures like metallic Artisan Metal Trace in Rustic Gold, and the velvety finish of Artisan Soft Chalk in Velvet Black.

Vol 10 Verge 5 600x600px6
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Soft Chalk in Strong Teal

The cool tones of the Verge palette work together to generate an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing, and work well in any space where complete tranquillity is desired, such as bedrooms, living areas and bathrooms.

Vol 10 Verge 2 600x600px8
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Soft Chalk in Strong Teal and Haymes Midnight Blue

Still feeling like you need some advice on incorporating the Verge palette into your home? Get in touch with our colour consultants and receive professional advice on selecting the perfect range of Haymes colours for your home.

Colour direction by Wendy Rennie, Haymes Colour and Concept Manager.

Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.

Thanks to our suppliers Globewest, Domo, Ajar, Loom Rugs, Open Room, Southwood Home, Felix Furniture, Lightly, Pop and Scott, House of Orange, Hunting for George, CULT and Kip & Co.