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| 22nd March 2016

Behind the Haymes Colour Library

Every year the best in the colour and styling business release an annual forecast about the trends and directions breaking through from Europe and Asia.  

Going against the grain this year, Haymes Colour and Concept Manager Wendy Rennie and her team, decided to release the Haymes Colour Library. A collection of palettes designed to be flexible and added to. Therefore making an annual forecast redundant!

“The fast paced environment we live in now, doesn’t allow for one yearly forecast. Instead we need a flexible and adaptable range, which can be edited and added to, as new influences and directions appear,” Wendy said.

 “When developing the palettes for the library we wanted to draw out the meaning of the colours, and help guide people to make the best decisions for their home. The library isn’t just based on what is currently popular, but also what will last the test of time.”

The Colour Library has seven volumes, each volume with its own unique story.

The Consider palette is organic and refreshing. Designed to encourage optimal productivity and positivity, working well in workspaces, and some of our more relaxing areas in the home.


 Consider 3

Whereas the Conscious palette is soft and feminine. The palette evokes a feeling of intimacy and personal space, allowing an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. Full of beautiful dusty pinks and blues, teamed with warm grey tones. 


Conscious 2 

Alternatively Timeless was designed to showcase good design. The palette encompasses and evokes colours of eras gone by, by bringing them into the 21st century. Timeless includes Wedgewood blue, burnt reds and teracotta tones. 

 Gemmola Haymes ColourLibrary 0525 2

See the full range of the Haymes Colour Library here

Photography by Martina Gemmola and Styling by Ruth Welsby.

Furniture credits: House of Orange, Southwood, Scout House, Amy Wright, Norsu, Aura Home, Safari Fushion, Fenton & Fenton, Hunting for George, Cult, Surrounding Australia, Globe West, Lightly, Loom and Salvage Group