| 30th June 2020


It’s started to cool down and with Winter here it’s the perfect time to cosy up and bring some warmth into our homes. With the current climate we are spending more time at home. Colour has the power to shape the spaces we are in to feel calm or motivated, nurtured or energised and everything in between. 

As winter comes and we retreat further into our homes, soft, soothing and nurturing tones are ideal to focus on and by bringing them into your home you can create spaces that feel both warm and embracing. Creating beautiful soft contrasts that blend both neutral, darks and bolds together can add a feeling of comfort to a home, and is a great way to warm up for winter.

Soft Neutral Tones

Palette 3

Newer blush toned neutrals create the perfect back drop for your home and instill a sense of comfort. Haymes ‘Toadstool’, ‘Stoneware’, ‘Refuge 3’ and ‘Sparrow’ are key basic colours for the cooler months. Lets explore some shades in more depth.

20191008 Haymes18 20191008 Haymes19
Colours used: Haymes 'Sparrow'

Style Tip: When using these new blush neutrals keep the space feeling light by pairing pale woods, ceramics and bone accents.

Bolder Winter Warmers

Palette 4

When it comes to bolder colours like rust, brick and red introduce hues like Haymes ‘Real Iron’, ‘Comanche Dust’ and ‘Rubicon’. These colours offer robust tones. They inject vibrancy and create the feeling of being snug and cocooned in a warm environment, perfect for creating the ultimate hibernation spot for winter.

Haymes November41952 Gemmola LR Haymes February29715 Gemmola Haymes May30945 Gemmola
Products used: Haymes Artisan Collection in ‘Real Iron’ Brushed texture. Haymes’ Canstar award-winning Ultra Premium Expressions Interior paint in the colours ‘Comanche Dust’ and ‘Rubicon’.

Style tip: layer textures like velvet, wool, rattan and natural fibres as well as warmer toned woods to bring the colour to life. For extra warmth within the space create the perfect cosy nooks by adding soft throws to maximise comfort.

Deep Tones

Palette 5

Adding a more moody and intimate approach with darker toned colours can also provide a calming and soothing environment. Haymes colours ‘Black Olive’, ‘Creole’ and ‘Nostalgia Rose’ provide just the right hues for relaxation in the home. They are also conducive to slowing down the senses and helping to fight the winter blues way.

Haymes Summer1834259 Gemmola LR2 Haymes Summer1834274 Gemmola LR3
Canstar award-winning Ultra Premium Expressions Interior paint in the colour ‘Black Olive’.

Style Tip: Pair these dark tones with soft muted complementary colours to keep the space feeling cosy and inviting. Let the colour become the hero and use it to create the perfect sanctuary for winter.


Featured colours

Comanche Dust
Black Olive