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| 1st June 2019

Five kitchen upgrades on a budget

Of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is nearly always the space that requires some care and attention. The effects of cooking and daily traffic running through can really take a toll on the surfaces in a kitchen. Here are our quick and easy kitchen upgrades for those on a budget.

Ceilings and walls

Here at Haymes we are always advocates of being a bit more creative with colour, we also love choosing a bright white –such as Haymes Greyology 1 to bring an instant clean and fresh vibe to the space. Using a bright white, especially in kitchens can open walls up and bring light in. There are lots of different options for painting kitchens with colour though, so don't be scared to step outside your comfort zone! 

renos before and after portrait9


Most people don’t realise that you can nearly always apply a coat of paint to your kitchen cabinetry, which will quickly transform the look of the entire kitchen.

Start with an undercoat, such as Haymes UltraLock, to prepare the surface for the top coat of paint to go on later. Then, the kitchen world is your oyster! Black cabinetry are very on trend right now, but here at Haymes we are less about the trends and more about the classic choice that won’t date. If you want to experiment with a darker colour, try two coats of Haymes Intrigue in semi-gloss enamel (as pictured above), this is our blackest black, and will give your cabinetry a make-over worthy of an interior magazine – without having to shell out the big bucks.

Before you first start painting, check with your paint specialise about the type of paint you will need for the material of your cabinets. 

Haymes KooyongRd0078 Gemmola 4


Benchtops can be another super expensive upgrade. The typical stone bench top is generally not easy to find at an affordable price range!

Here at Haymes, however, we like to get a bit creative. Check out Haymes Ultimate Epoxy which will give you a brand new bench top without the price tag attached. We have step-by-step instruction on how to use this very easy product. This is an incredibly versatile product that can be used for loads of different things, including refreshing Laminex bench tops and flooring. The beauty of the product is that it can be tinted to nearly every colour, so you can work it in with your colour scheme.

renos before and after portrait10 Haymes KooyongRd0105 web4


Last, but not least, a simple de-clutter and style will work wonders for updating your kitchen. Add some greenery (this is a must) and invest in a new crockery set. Clear off the bench tops (all the better to show off your new bench top) and add only a few key pieces intended for display. The rest should be hidden out of sight. Also highlight extra storage opportunities by styling to showcase how they might be useful for a potential renter/buyer.

Haymes KooyongRd0187 web

Photography by Martina Gemmola Styling by Ruth Welsby
Products by Hunting for George, Fenton and Fenton, Globewest, Clickon Furniture, Southwood Home and House of Orange

Products Used

(Undercoat) Haymes UltraLock (tinted dark) 4L
(Top Coat) Haymes UltraTrim Enamel (tinted to Intrigue) Semi-Gloss 4L 

Bench top
Haymes Ultimate Epoxy – 3L Kit 

Walls and trims
Bedroom - Haymes Expressions in Feather Grey - 4L 
Living Room – Haymes Expressions in Parchment Grey - 4L
Kitchen - Haymes Expressions in Greyology 1 -4L
All Trims - Haymes UltraTrim Oil Based Enamel in Greyology 1 (semi-gloss) - 4L