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8th July 2022

Time to Think With Colour

Have you ever walked into a home and felt an immediate cosiness? Colour plays a larger role in your perception of temperature than you may know. For instance, think about how rich tones make you feel as opposed to a cool tone?

For those who are nervous about using bold colour in their home, or are unsure of where to begin, Haymes Paint colour specialist Wendy Rennie suggests starting small. By adding pops of bold colour to risk-free areas around the house, such as the laundry, the front door or to the walls of a play or rumpus room, you can add a touch of brightness without making a drastic change.

Haymes Paint July 2022 Bold In Winter 1

Colour: Haymes Paint Blood Diamond  

Rethink what a warm colour is

Typically, when we think of bright warm colours, our minds might be drawn to yellow and red hues, but Haymes Paint colour specialist Wendy Rennie recommends looking at the unexpected.

“There are many colours that can have a warming effect in that they feel like they are immersing you in colour when it’s a highly saturated or intense shade”.

Wendy suggests an intense blue or rich deep-set green, as these can have a similar feel that creates intimacy and makes a space feel cosier.

A brilliant example of this can be seen in the “Fitzroy House”. This character home uses deep greens and blues to create a feeling of peace and warmth. For the owner Kristen, colour was not only an important emotive tool but also a way in which she defined spaces within the home. Working from home, Kristen finds that separating space through colour helps each room to feel like a new environment.

Haymes Paint July 2022 Bold In Winter 2 Haymes Paint July 2022 Bold In Winter 3

Colour: Haymes Paint Viking                         Colour: Haymes Paint Mid Brunswick Green

Start small

Keen to add some colour to your home for winter but don’t want to paint an entire room? Wendy recommends finding little pockets of your home and beginning there.

A perfect example for this is the laundry. Laundries are often tucked away out of sight in the home. This makes them one of the best places to experiment with colour and have fun. Dark colours such as deep charcoals and blues, paired with a funky retro tile can really work to make a space feel comforting and refined. Haymes Paints' “Enigma” has been used in this Albert Park laundry to carve out a cosy space that feels fun, adding charm to an otherwise ordinary room.

Haymes Paint July 2022 Bold In Winter 4

Colour: Haymes Paint Enigma 

Bring your winter updates through to spring

If you are worried about making any big interior changes to your home for the winter season, do not fear. Any colour can be easily styled by adjusting the soft furnishings of your home.

In winter you would lean into the cosiness of a dark colour by complementing the look with heavily textured cushions and fluffy blankets. As the weather warms up again, you can seamlessly swap to accessories with brighter accents to lift the base colour and make it feel like there is more light and space in a room.

The living room in the “Fitzroy House” is an excellent example of this. The bright pops of yellow in the couch and cushions help to lift the deep green of the walls. The positioning of the yellow couch underneath a sunny window helps amplify this colour across the entire space and emanate its warmth.

Haymes Paint July 2022 Bold In Winter 5

Colour: Haymes Paint Viking