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31st July 2018

How To Add Warmth With Colour This Winter

By Wendy Rennie

Warm tones are a welcoming addition to any space, especially during the cooler seasons when the daylight is minimal and the temperatures have dropped. These warm hues are timeless, and will continue to be favoured now and in the future as a way to add warmth and conviviality to your home.

Haymes May30700 Gemmola
Colour used is Haymes Creole

We are seeing this approach to colour being used more and more, both tonally on walls and also repeated in various shades on accessories and even furniture. Both techniques add to the cosiness and generally inviting vibe of any space.

Haymes May30863 Gemmola
Colour used is Haymes Creole

The two-tone vibe is clearly here to stay, boasting its ability to add both depth and dimension to interiors. With a shift to “micro-zoning” in homes, using this kind of approach to colour also emphasises the shift in and out of particular rooms, helping to transform the feeling of a space as you go through the changes in colours without using walls or dividers.

Haymes May30892 Gemmola
Colour used is Haymes Burgundy and Haymes Creole

Deep reds offer the ultimate colour choice for a bedroom, with its obvious links to love and passion. For those bold enough to embrace it, adding deeper tones in combination with soft textures, creates a bedroom space that you will be dying to retreat to.

These earthy reds teamed with the ever-popular pale pink also adds a softness to the space and a sense of luxe.

Haymes May30780 Gemmola
Colour used is Haymes Creole

Thanks to our suppliers Armadillo + Co, AURA Home, Barnaby Lane, Canvas + Sasson, Cone 11 Ceramics, CULTIVER, Globe West, HK Living, House of Orange, Into The Wild, Kip + Co, Kristina Dam, Sophie Moran, Southwood, St Albans, Tide Design, Woud Design.

Photography by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby