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| 10th August 2017

Be bold – chatting colour with Kip & Co creative Hayley Pannekoecke

Hayley Pannekoecke is one third of the fabulous Kip & Co, a Melbourne-based bedding and lifestyle brand known for its bold and colourful design aesthetic. Hayley works alongside her sister and best friend to take quality bedding and homewares to the next level – since launching in 2012, Kip & Co has boomed, both here and abroad. 

We recently visited Hayley’s incredible home in Barwon Heads, on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, where Hayley chatted to us about bringing eclectic, vibrant and bold designs into her home, and staying true to your own style.

Hayley 1

How did you settle on the design for your home? 

My husband James and I designed the home ourselves.  We actually didn’t have a huge amount of external inspo – it just came together over several months of talking and drawing on our past building experiences. We both love natural fibres and textures so we wanted to make sure that was a real focus of this property.
I also had my heart set on a loft!

Hayley 2    Hayley 3

Kip & Co is really well-known for its bold use of colour. What’s your take?

I was born with a love of colour and pattern, and have always been drawn to it in my travels, my fashion choices and, of course, my interiors! My decorating style is a bit of an eclectic jumble. So, for example, I love Scandinavian vibes, but I am also seriously drawn to the energy of Moroccan and African interiors.
I like to mix it up. I also think that you can’t take it all too seriously – colour is something I understand and appreciate, but in the end it’s meant to be fun!

Hayley 4
Colour Used - Haymes Iris White 

Can you talk us through some of the colour choices in your home?

I get tired of white walls, and I always think that coloured walls make decorating so much easier – the room is already spoken for, in a way.  I don’t like just filling an empty canvas space with “things”.  I prefer to add layers from the ground to the walls and then pop our own things in at the end. Coloured walls change the whole feel of a room, instantly.

Hayley 5
Colours used: Walls – Haymes Everlasting, Ceiling – Haymes Iris White

For our home, I wanted to create a space that had a calm, feminine energy so I chose shades of pink for the walls in several areas, including our kitchen area and our bathrooms, and Chloe’s room. It was a bit of an experiment, to be honest, but I am in love with the result. The pinks add such a beautiful warmth to the areas they are in.

Hayley 6    Hayley 7
Colours used: Walls – Haymes Everlasting, Ceiling – Haymes Iris White

We also used a shade of pink for the bathroom ceiling, which was a leap, but it turned out beautifully! 

Hayley 8
Colour Used - Haymes Everlasting

We used Wedgewood Blue in two relatively dark spaces – the laundry / pantry and the powder room – and it has made these rooms beautifully moody and interesting. The colour of these rooms varies a lot depending on the natural light and the time of day.

Hayley 9  Hayley 10
Colour Used - Haymes Wedgewood 

My latest update has been using a colour called Pearl Lilac on the walls in our reading nook. This has really brought the space to life and given the nook a bit more of an identity. 

Hayley 11
Colour Used - Haymes Pearl Lilac

Do your three little ones – Floyd, Baye and Chloe – have an impact on how you design spaces?

Yes, absolutely – we try to create spaces that work for the whole family, and that will meet different needs as the kids grow older.  Our current home has plenty of space and lots of different areas where the kids can chill out, or study when they’re a bit older.

Hayley 12
Colours Used, Walls - Haymes Copen Blue, Ceiling - Haymes Blue Wash 

Hayley 13
Colours Used, Walls - Haymes Tearose Pink, Ceiling - Haymes Sealock 

We would try to bring home every single product from Kip & Co if it was our company. How do you find the brand works with your home life and choices?

Kip & Co has definitely filled my home with lots of extra layers of texture and colour!  We don’t own everything, but every season I will generally choose a few new pieces that I absolutely love. Kip & Co rugs are dotted all over our home and I adore bringing them out every winter to warm the place up.

Hayley 15
Colour Used - Haymes Iris White  

 Hayley 14

You can check out Kip & Co’s AW17 range here . To source the paint colours Hayley used in her home, find your nearest stockist here and pick yourself up a sample pot. 

Thanks for chatting to us Hayley – we have SERIOUS house envy now!!

Haymes xx