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| 8th February 2017

Introducing The Colour Forecast!

By Wendy Rennie

Strata2 IG
The start of a new year means only one thing, the release of our newest addition to the Haymes Colour Library, Volume 8 - The Colour Forecast! This forecast is one in which incorporates three different palettes ready to help you transform your home.

Let’s start with Pitch Dark palette, designed to give a dramatic effect and create a unique and intensely dynamic space. 

PitchDark1 IG
Colours are Haymes Element & Haymes Coal Mine

Pitch Dark is a palette of deep moody colours with a real sense of presence. They’re dramatic, yet innately restful. People sometimes shy away from using dark tones within their home, however when used in a big space, dark tones sit perfectly with interior furnishings, offering a sense of grounding, security and balance. 

PitchDark5 IG
Colour is Haymes Rubicon

We’re seeing a move away from single dedicated dark areas or rooms within a home, and they are being used throughout spaces now in a more cohesive way. Dark colours are not for the faint hearted, but when used they can transform a space and bring character to a home. Dark tones are a fantastic way of highlighting internal features like architectural detailing and create a sense of intimacy.

IntrigueCoal Mine2Element3Rubicon2
When used within contemporary homes, the Pitch Dark palette will add subtlety and blend spaces. 

PitchDark2 IG
Colour is Haymes Element

Our next palette we love is Stark Beauty. This palette is a new take on embracing greenery within the home and is not-so-secretly the favourite palette of more than a few of us here at Haymes Paint.

Greenery is Pantone’s Colour of the Year, we can see why! Green hues embrace the simplicity and vitality of plants and foliage, and bring the outdoors in.

When we thought about how to represent this palette, our fabulous designers used furniture in an interior setting that could be used equally effectively in outdoor spaces to challenge the idea of an outdoor room.

StarkBeauty5 IG2
Colour is Haymes Pond Moss

The colours in this palette are crisp, clean and simple. Greens have a specifically leafy look and feel, whilst the fresh whites with their subtle differences, have an extremely minimal undertone to sit beautifully with the green.

Green Pepper2Pond Moss3Bleached Cloth2Marble Mist2
Stark Beauty is perfect for an open plan living area, a home office or study space, and of course fits perfectly for a bathroom. This palette gives you the opportunity to go all out, be bold and brave and have a home filled with green vibrancy, or have a white interior with a green sensibility running through it.

StarkBeauty1 IG2
Colour is Haymes Marble Mist & Haymes Pond Moss

Strata echoes the colours of our Australian environment from the gorgeous tans of the outback, the dark olives in fauna and to the blues of our coastal areas.

The palette is rich, bold, and harmonious, with a strong connection to nature.

Victorian Brown2Deep Buff4Keystone4Spruce Grove2
Strata gives a sense of balance within interiors, and spaces that are relaxed and grounded. They are comfortable, offer stability and functionality.

The combination of colours are incredibly easy to inject into a space. In a living room, for example, these tones used together will give a relaxed ambience, whilst selecting just one colour would work beautifully in a bedroom to provide a restful and intimate space.

Strata3 IG2
Colour is Haymes Deep Buff

Strata5 IG3
Colour is Haymes Keystone

Strata6 IG2
Colour is Haymes Keystone

We can’t wait to see how Pitch Dark, Stark Beauty and Strata transform interior spaces across Australia.

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Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby

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