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| 10th February 2015

8 interior ideas to steal from hotels

By Jen Bishop

Heading 8 Interior Ideas To Steal From Hotels

I've now been on my travels for three and a half months, so I've seen my fair share of hotels and I'm lucky most of them have been pretty schmick. Not surprisingly, I love picking hotels with great interiors rather than your run-of-the-mill, beige kind. Spending so much time in two rooms (hotel bedroom and bathroom) recently has given me a greater appreciation for what contributes to well-designed accommodation, which can easily be applied to our own homes, giving them a luxe look. Here are my ideas for creating that hotel vibe within your own home...

1. A great statement chair in the corner of your room not only looks great but gives you somewhere to relax (perhaps with a good book) other than in bed, as well as somewhere to lay out tomorrow's outfit.

Club Med Le Riad Marrakech edited
Club Med Le Riad, Marrakech. Image by Jen Bishop

2. Get the biggest bedside tables you can afford/have space for. Not only can you arrange stylish vignettes on them (think framed photos, a small vase of fresh flowers, a candle and a pretty dish for your jewellery  ̶  all lovingly arranged) but it's just nice if you have plenty of space for your book, glass of water, iPad and lamp. Drawers and cupboards are great for hiding clutter too.

3. While men and women seem to disagree on how many is too many, you can't beat a great combination of decorative cushions on the bed to re-create that hotel look!

The Thompson Chicago edited

The Thompson, Chicago. Image by Jen Bishop

4. Keep colours fairly neutral and calming but pick an accent colour and tie together elements like lampshades, throw pillows and a rug. You could also add a second, complementary colour that pops.

5. When designing your ensuite bathroom, include as much storage as possible, both to hide larger items like hairdryers and shavers and to display toiletries and fancy candles. Consider recessed 'nooks' by your bath or shower to avoid those hanging holders for shampoo and shower gel. Hooks on the wall will help you keep things like towels, robes and clothes off the floor.

thompson bathroom edited

The Thompson, Chicago. Image by Jen Bishop.

6. If you're in a position to, add as many power sockets as possible in the right places. There's nothing worse than not being able to charge your phone by your bed, am I right?!

7. Ladies, make sure you have somewhere to do your makeup. If your bathroom has unflattering lighting, or you can't get in there while your other half is showering and steaming up the mirror, you need a second option. Consider a dressing table with a mirror in your bedroom if you have space. Make a feature of it with a gorgeous jewellery box and some fresh blooms.

8. You absolutely need art to add interest to your bedroom. And hang it at eye height.

double images

The Boxer lobby, Boston. Riad Star, Marrakech. Images by Jen Bishop.