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19th December 2022

How to refresh your outdoor space ahead of entertainment season

Between the many BBQ’s, Christmas dinners, pool parties and late arvo drinks with friends, our outdoor entertainment spaces become the focal point of summer socialising. So, if you’re looking for the perfect DIY weekend activity, why not give your outdoor area some love so it’s looking fresh and sparkly for all those upcoming dinner parties? 

Haymes Paint colour and concept manager, Wendy Rennie, has provided 5 expert tips on how to elevate an outdoor space using colour, furniture, and décor.  

First things first… primer! 

The perfect way to refresh your outdoor space before summer is by giving it an extra coat of paint. But a common mistake that many people make is rushing into the painting process before prepping your outdoor surfaces to ensure the best outcome and longevity in the final product. Whether they are being painted or varnished, all wooden outdoor surfaces need to be cleaned and primed to protect them against the harsh summer sun. 

This will help that fresh coat of paint to look brand new, regardless of what harsh conditions the weather may throw at us!   

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(Decking - Haymes Paint Woodcare Dexpress 'Natural')

A new lick of paint changes everything 

To make your outdoors feel refreshed, Haymes Paint’s cool-toned Greyology 1 is the perfect base white to give your entertaining area that crisp, new feel. This works particularly well if you have lush, green surrounding foliage, as it balances the vibrancy of the colour.  

Haymes 2 HR 1
(Wall cladding - Haymes Paint 'Modesty White')

Once you have gone in with Greyology 1, you can always add a pop of soft pink to soften it a bit and create that warm summer mood. Haymes Paint Angelica Lace and Peony are perfect for achieving this softer feel. 

The products that enhance colour and texture 

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(Decking - Haymes Paint Woodcare Dexpress 'Merbau')

Now that the base colour is sorted, it’s time to enhance your space with Haymes Paint products & finishes. Adding depth and texture to your outdoor space will give it the professional finish it needs to wow your guests. 

Wendy recommends giving your decking a coat of Haymes Paint Dexpress. It’s our number one decking product available in a variety of colours to bring your outdoor area to life through a rich, polished finish. 

After coating the deck with Dexpress, elevate the other surface areas in your outdoor space through texture. Adding texture to your outdoor area will give it the sophistication it needs to stand out and create impact. Haymes Paint Artisan, Rendercoat does just this, adding depth to an outdoor feature wall or painted surace to create that tropical ‘resort’ feel 

Don’t forget décor  

Haymes 1 HR 2
(Walls and bessa block - Haymes Paint 'Greyology 1')

The final step to achieving the ultimate outdoor area is adding décor. When it comes to creating the perfect summer entertainment space.  

The trick to making this work is by extending the style you have chosen within your indoor space to the outdoor entertainment area. The furniture you select should be consistent with indoors, so guests feel like they are entering an extension of your home. This works to make the entertainment area feel lived-in and comfortable, rather than something that’s separate to the rest of the house. 

The most important element is ensuring it feels comfortable for your guests. To soften the space and make your guests feel at home, add some outdoor couches, cushions, or paint some fun-coloured furniture or pots to bring it to life and tie it in with the surrounding garden. Whilst it’s important to remain consistent with furniture choices, you can be a little more playful with the outdoor pieces you choose. 

Enlivening your entertainment space doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be achieved in just a weekend through the clever and simple tips Wendy has shared.  
The key is to work with what you already have, and to give it new life through adding colour, texture and fun décor! 

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