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27th August 2018

How Your Interior Colours Choices Affect Your Mood

There is no doubt that colour can have a powerful affect over our mood, making choosing interior colours for a home a much more considered decision than simply picking what looks aesthetically best.

Our new Comfort palette from The Haymes Colour Library Volume 11 – Colour Conscience, is all about discussing the underlying thoughts around how colour impacts our moods, and how it can be used in the home to encourage comfort and wellness.

Haymes ColourForecast20189318 Gemmola3
Colour used is Haymes Artisan Mortar in Powdered Gum

Showcasing dark, intense hues and complex colour combinations, this palette works to absorb the light in a room to create quiet and calm, whilst still injecting a subtle warmth and softness to interior spaces. This effect simulates a ‘colour cocoon’, a safe space that offers a sense of security and wellbeing, and slows down the senses from the fast pace of everyday life.

Haymes ColourForecast20189222 Gemmola LR
Colours used are Haymes Artisan Mortar in Powdered Gum and Haymes Black Olive

Comfort Palette

Comfort Palette

The styling of this palette is Japandi inspired, a style popping up on the interior design scene that sees the simplistic and minimal scandi look combined with the darker, more layered look of Japanese design. Incorporating beautiful tactile materials like velvet and linen in soft furnishings, throws and cushions, as well as textures like rattan and foliage to add that warm and comforting touch.

Haymes ColourForecast20189273 Gemmola LR
Colour used is Haymes Black Olive

For more help on selecting the perfect colour palette for your home, get in touch with one of our Haymes Colour Stylists, who can visit your home both online or in person to offer you a personalised colour solution.

Haymes ColourForecast20189228 Gemmola
Colour used is Haymes Black Olive

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Photography by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby