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| 30th August 2016

Federation home pops with modern colours

Federation homes represent a time of prosperity, featuring beautiful ornate detailing, bay windows, ceiling roses and wide verandas. They are timeless pieces in our history, but when it comes to renovating them however, it can be a somewhat daunting process.

Recently we painted a Federation home in Melbourne's leafy outer suburb of Glen Iris, to demonstrate how to modernise a heritage home whilst maintaining the timeless and traditional style of the era.

We selected Haymes' Sense for the weatherboard, and for the architectural features and trims, we chose Haymes' Greyology 1.

Wide shot
Exterior colour Haymes Sense
Trim colour Haymes Greyology 1

Choosing your colour palette

Haymes' Colour and Concept Manager, Wendy Rennie, said that when it comes to painting a Federation home you should make sure you honour the features of the home, and keep the palette simple.

"There are many ways of putting colour palettes together for Federation homes, but one of the main pieces of advice I give to owners is to keep it simple. A simple palette with strong contrasting colours work best. This is what really brings the beauty of the home to life."

"I find it's best to pick your main exterior colour first, and then consider the overall look of the home. Do you want to look formal or informal? What type of garden do you want? Will your entrance have decking or tiles? Use these decisions as your cue for determining the colour choice."

"When it comes to choosing contrasting colours think about if you want your home to be darker and the architectural features lighter, or vice versa. Another tip is to always try the shade of your preferred colour in a shade darker as well, as exterior colour always lightens off."

In today's dynamic world, you don't always have to stick religiously to the traditional heritage colours like Brunswick Green or Indian Red. More and more heritage homes are being modernised with colour, and showcasing their own personalities.

"What is becoming popular is using a darker colour like a charcoal for weatherboards, and then using a crisp white on the trim. If you after a more casual cottage feel, then pastels are also a great alternative" said Wendy.

Close up with front door
Stain colour Haymes Simply Woodcare Ebony

Exteriors, architectural features and decking

When making decisions about your exterior colours, think about both the entrance and landscaping, and how they will come together. In this home, the entrance was stained in a Simply Woodcare Ebony, a dark brown-black tone. Choosing Haymes' Sense for the exterior walls, although another relatively darker colour, contrasted perfectly with the deck to create a contemporary feel.

When it comes to the architectural features of a home, "Using a crisp white such as Greyology 1 accentuates the features of the home while keeping the palette simple. Alternative colours to consider are Wood Grey for the weatherboards and Modesty White for the trims and features," said Wendy.

Close up of window
Exterior colour Haymes Sense
Trim colour Haymes Greyology 1

"We've found that often colours that work well on windows are very light or very dark, not somewhere in-between. So, once you have decided on your main colour, decide if a darker or lighter tone on the windows has enough contrast with the main colour to achieve the desired look."

Door shot
Door colour Haymes Intrigue

For the final touch, when it comes to the front door in a heritage home, think about making a statement with a bold tone. In this home, black stands out against the crisp white used in the frame and trims, while also tying into the deck nicely.

"Black doors almost ground the home; they act as a focal point, drawing your attention. They are bold, and pack a powerful punch. If black isn't your preference, then maybe try bringing a bold colour in. There are some beautiful examples of bright reds, dark blues and olive greens," Wendy told us.

Before making any colour decisions, however, it's important to make sure there are no colour restrictions as a result of heritage overlays associated with your home. Speak to your local council or a heritage consultant to find out if there are any such restrictions over your home.

Side shot close up
Photography by Armelle Habib and styling by Fenton and Fenton.

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