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| 2nd April 2018

Exploring the Artisan Range by Haymes Paint

By Bec Douros

Colour consulting for paint choices would have to be one of the most common requests from clients I get with every job. With tools like Instagram and Pinterest people feel inspired and are wanting to step outside the boundaries when it comes to being bold with colour, but now Haymes have taken it a step further to offer people the choice to be bold with colour and texture too.

Artisan Collection by Haymes Paint brings together a unique range of hand-crafted, imperfect, textured finishes; designed to bring a space to life, both inside and out. Divided into three core product ranges: Surface, Metallics and Textures, each has its own colour palette and application techniques. The extensive range of finishes, textures and colours ensures you won’t be short of options! We decided to apply one of these finishes to Lenny's room for something a little different.

We went deep and bold for this space and decided to try Velvet black which is from the textures, soft chalk range. We painted this over the top of some wall panelling to add even more depth and personality to the space. We are over the moon with the results. Getting creative with colour is a great way to express some creativity and we feel this colour choice is something little Lenny can enjoy and also easily grow in the space as he does.

Nectaar Haymes 9

Nectaar Haymes 4

Nectaar Haymes 7

Nectaar Haymes 11

Nectaar Haymes 13

Nectaar Haymes 1

The range moves beyond your traditional finish of paint, encouraging you to try something different in your home. These days people are stepping away from the safe (and a little boring) standard white paint and wanting to try something different. Haymes heard the cries of frustration and have delivered with something a little different to make our home stand out from the crowd.

Introducing texture to your space becomes of extreme importance in adding warmth and individuality. Haymes have taken this one step further by developing their range of colours and finishes which not only look incredible but are easy to achieve.

To help you feel inspired I selected some colours/finishes from the range and put together some mood boards to help get you thinking about trying something different in your home!

Textures Rendercoat

Textures Rendercoat 2

TEXTURES RENDER COAT in "POTTERS CLAY" - Haymes Artisan Collection Rendercoat is a highly durable textured high build product that is resistant to the extremes of weather, mould and fungal growth. Suitable for interior and exterior it provides the ultimate solution to transform large areas at home through the beauty of paint, offering the perfect artisan finish with a bespoke look and feel.

Surface 1

Surface 2

SURFACE INDUSTRIAL in "INDUSTRIAL GREY" - Haymes Artisan Collection Surface is a textural diverse finish that transforms spaces through various applications, offering subtle qualities and giving walls a contemporary yet timeless feel, adding a sense of dimension and beauty to any space.

Metallics 1

Metallics 2

METALLICS MATTE POLISH in "PINK DRIFT" - Haymes Artisan Collection Matte Polish is an understated silken metallic. The simple trowel application brings the material to life creating a low lustre overlapping pattern. Highlights and lowlights are accentuated through the fall of light onto the wall. The colours are luxe and sophisticated as is the finish with its subtle nuances and beauty.