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| 10th April 2016

Magical woodlands just pops with Haymes Paint

Often we put lots of thought into what goes above the table, such as the flowers, the plates, the cutlery etc, so LENZO thought it would be a great idea to brighten what goes around the table, and paint the furniture! Creating something truly unique, while also having heaps of fun in the process!

What better to paint then tree stumps? Not only are they super easy but also are a fun DIY to do with your little one. The stumps turned out to be the perfect addition to the LENZO Easter Party Feast, and will be a definite hit at yours too.  

What you will need:

  • Paint
  • A few tree stumps
  • Drop sheet
  • Painter’s tape
  • Roller

Step 1
This is the fun part, pick your colour! Lenzo decided Coral Serenade, Hypnotic and Sunbeam

 NR LenzoEaster 006NR LenzoEaster 021

Step 2
Tape different patterns onto your stumps, to avoid getting paint in places that you want raw. This is where you can get your #CreativeOn, so make sure to experiment with different shapes and patterns!

 NR LenzoEaster 017

Step 3 
Begin to paint your stumps and continue to tape where needed.

 NR LenzoEaster 023NR LenzoEaster 029

Step 4 
Remove the tape and add final patterns by hand.

 NR LenzoEaster 027

NR LenzoEaster 036

 NR LenzoEaster 038 1

Step 5 
Viola – enjoy perching on your perfectly painted stumps!

NR LenzoEaster 287

NR LenzoEaster 218

Photography by Nikole Ramsay, and styling by Party with Lenzo.