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| 25th April 2016

Colour Stylist Wendy Rennie discusses colour in 2016

By Wendy Rennie

What colour directions do you think we will see in 2016?

The direction of colour this year is very diverse, and we will see many unexpected colours paired together. Dark colours were very popular in 2015, and will remain strong. Their popularity is due to how they help to define living areas, highlight architectural features, and add a sense of depth and warmth to homes. Especially homes with an eclectic feel, they have a great way of bringing together personal pieces that have been collected over time.  

MG Haymes Fitzroy 2MG Haymes Fitzroy 26925 2

Colour featured is Inner depth.
Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby. 

Innder Depth

Inner Depth

Navy blue

Navy Blue

Blue remains a popular tone, but the range has become varied, not only dark navy blues like Haymes Stormy Blue, but also bolder bright blues are starting to dominate, like Haymes Reef Oasis. 

There is still a love of coral,  however earthier tones like terracotta are returning. These earthy tones are great as they provide a sense of warmth to a space and add nice relaxed vibe perfect for entertaining in. A renaissance on reds featuring deep wine reds, such as Haymes Rich Red, are popular choices.

 Colour Library image 2Colour Library Terecotta image
Colour featured is Comanche Dust. 
Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby. 

                         Comanche Dust 

Comanche Dust        

Although many of the dark and earthy tones are popular, there are still many bright colours making their way through. Haymes Autumn Gold, is a rich golden green colour and a great addition to any colour combination. Colours like this help to lift heavier palettes, and when paired with a relaxed style, leaves a holiday oasis feel.  

TheGrainger 22 Copy2
Colour featured is Autumn Gold. 
Photography by Nikole Ramsay and styling by Emma Omeara.  

  Autumn Gold   Autumn Gold 

The neutrals this year will continue to reference warm greys, while starting to introduce some warmer tan tones. It’s the use of the neutrals that balance out the darker tones and bring together sophisticated palettes that are now coming through with a really new and fresh feel to them, it’s a certain kind of confidence I think people have found when it comes to using colour.

 Colour image 4
Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby. 



Deep Buff

Deep Buff

What did we see in 2015 that will still be referenced this year?

There are many trends that have carried through to this year, predominately pastels still remain very popular. Blush and sultry pinks such as Haymes Condare and Aleaha Rose are some of our more popular pastels.  

Gemmola Haymes ColourLibrary40988
Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby. 

I also can't go past mentioning dark greens, these lush greens have been popular for a while now, and they will continue to carry through this year. They bring with them an organic and earthy jungle charm. 

Rhythmic Palms 1



Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove 

Overall the most enduring trend, is the love of colour that has developed over the last few years. Colour has been embraced and seen as a solution for homes, and now often preferred over a white on white approach. It's becoming more recognised that colour can enhance a home, and set the tone for the spaces we live in. Another exciting shift is that a 'trends' are beginning to slowly become less aspired to, it's more about experimentation, learning and adapting to meet the needs of the individual, their lifestyle and preferred style choices.