• DIY videos

    DIY How-to-videos

    Haymes has produced a series of helpful How-to-videos that provide essential step-by-step guides and tips to properly and efficiently complete your painting projects.

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    Painting Tips and Techniques

    Learning how to paint interior and exterior spaces can be easy and you can discover how rewarding it can be to give your home a great new look. Just take a few steps to learn how to prepare the surface so you can then move to paint like a pro.

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    Commonly Asked Questions

    Haymes continually receive queries and problems that customers have with painting around the house. From the first time painter to professional applicators, there is always something new to learn. Find here the commonly asked questions or call us directly on 1800 033 431 for further assistance.

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    Hiring a Professional Painter

    Your time is valuable and sometime you just want a professional painter to do the job for you. Finding the right professional is the most important decision in any home improvement so make sure you follow our top tips for hiring a professional painter.

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    Interior Problem Solver

    Most paint problems and painting mistakes are correctable. Here you will find solutions for the most common interior paint problems.

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    Exterior Problem Solver

    Most exterior paint problems and painting mistakes can be solved. Here you will find solutions for the most common exterior paint problems.