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15th November 2021

Haymes Paint Pantone-matching technology helps bring to life iconic Victoria Arduino mural

Victoria Arduino_2

The Haymes Paint specifier team recently teamed up with Native Design Workshop to help bring an eye-catching mural to life in the new Brunswick headquarters of renowned coffee machine makers, Victoria Arduino. The ‘Experience Lab’ artistically launches Victoria Arduino to Melbourne – the beating heart of the coffee world.  

The mural is a modern reinterpretation of an iconic artwork by painter Leonetto Cappiello, with the Haymes Paint team commissioned to create bespoke Pantone-matched shades in their Ultra Premium Expressions Interior Low sheen paint for the project.  

The aim of this project was to create a contextual ‘Experience Lab’ at the Australian headquarters for Victoria Arduino. With the core function of this environment being a workspace for the company’s team, this is also a space where industry professionals can view, test, and learn how to use the coffee machines, while also gaining an understanding of the products and their origins. Furthermore, the Experience Lab will act as a training ground for some of the best baristas in the world.  

Clarity of space, as well as simplicity and an honest expression of materials, was a significant inspiration throughout the project.  The intention of the Architects at Native Design Workshop was that the Victoria Arduino concept of 'crafted and handmade' was shown throughout the space.  The design utilizes three understated main materials - brick, timber, and steel - allowing the products to become the hero of the space.

Victoria Arduino Native Design Workshop

The centrepiece of the ‘Experience Lab’ is a recreation of a painting by Leonetto Cappiello that was acquired by Victoria Arduino in 1922 and portrays an elegant traveller leaning off a moving train while preparing an espresso with a Victoria Arduino coffee machine. This modern reimagining of the artwork was brought to life with Pantone-matched Haymes Paint.  

Pantone is an international colour system; therefore, international designers are likely to use it to ensure colours appear correctly across the board. Converting Pantone colours to their paint equivalent is notoriously difficult and for the most accurate match it is often a manual process. 

The team at Native Design Workshop supplied Haymes Paint with a print of the required Pantone colours from the Italian designer of the mural. The highly skilled Haymes Paint specifiers team then converted the Pantone colours into Haymes Paint colours that could be used throughout the project. 

Whilst this is a complex and time-consuming process, it ensures the client can achieve the best possible final result. There are ten Pantone matched shades used in the final mural, including Pantone 418 C (Background and door), Pantone 482 C (Cream clouds), and Pantone 7418 C (Coffee cups and saucers).  

VA Original Print

The water-based Haymes Paint Expressions Interior paint was hand-painted with a variety of brushes by professional signwriter, Larry Stammers from Sign Vision. Haymes Paint Expressions Low Sheen is a highly durable interior paint that provides great coverage and is easy to apply.  

"Murals and graphic art are popular in and around the Brunswick area and assist in giving the area its own distinctive character and identityWe wanted to tap into this and really make the project have contextual relevance and we feel the mural has helped achieve this,” said the architectural team at Native Design Workshop. We chose Haymes Paint over other brands as they are fully Australian made and owned. 

The team at Victoria Arduino and Native Design Workshop were thrilled with the final mural, with this project recently being shortlisted for an Australian Interior Design award. 

Native Design Workshop Victoria Arduino Tatjana Plitt 737

More information about the Haymes Paint Products used for this project: 

Haymes Paint Expressions Low Sheen is a highly durable interior paint that provides great coverage. It is easily washed, allowing most household stains to be removed without leaving marks. Ideal for wet areas, it comes with a 7-year mould and mildew protection guarantee and is a low-odour, environmentally responsible product.  

The paint features superior washability, exceptional coverage and a stainproof barrier. 


Business: Victoria Arduino

Signwriter: Signvision Melbourne

Builder/Architect: Neverstop Group

Photographer: Tatjana Plitt

Architect: Native Design Workshop