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| 16th August 2021

Mr Panda Bubble Tea House injects colour into Cranbourne

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Recently, Haymes Paint were engaged to provide product for the new entrance and feature wall at Mr Panda Bubble Tea House in Cranbourne.

Mr Panda is a beverage retailer serving colourful Taiwanese teas to Gen Z and millennial customers. The brand is fun, youthful, and energetic with a space that provides a refuge for students to relax and for friends to catch-up.

For this reason, the paint colours and design of this project needed to inject vibrancy into the space. The space was designed by Yuyu Huang from Urbourne Architecture to uplift the spirits of customers after the 2020 Victorian lockdown and provide an eye-catching photo opportunity for social media.

Haymes Paint helped facilitate this bespoke concept to create a warm and inviting environment for customers to reside in, which harnessed the power of colour to create a memorable impact.

The entrance was brushed in our Artisan Collection Surface colour ‘Shale’ to surprise customers with a modest façade that concealed the wonder within. It was applied using a cross-hatched method that gave the exterior depth and complexity, posing a stark juxtaposition to the vibrant interior.

For the inner feature walls, the Haymes team developed custom paint shades that emulated the colourful bubble teas and their unique flavours to bring to life the design concept. Our Expression Interior shades in 'Wild Lime', 'Sunbeam', 'Mandarin', 'Sublime', 'Crushed Strawberry' and 'Ultra Blue' could be used to recreate this effect.

Urbourne Architecture Mr Panda 067

Roland from Redstone Services created the beautiful bright coloured finishes for the curved cylindrical walls by merging and blending Haymes Artisan Surface and Haymes Expressions Interior using an assortment of tools such as brushes, rags and sponges. This technique built textural variation throughout the design, blending and softening the vibrant hues.

The result was an effervescent, cloud-like interior cleverly off-set by the entrance which balanced the vibrancy of the custom Haymes Paint shades.

The architect of the project Yuyu Huang said, “The design intention was to have a textural, watercolour effect on the feature wall but we had no idea what product to specify.” Huang credited the Haymes Paint team with helping them source and create suitable colours to “realise the design”.

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The client was beyond satisfied with the way the textures and colours captured the spirit of the brand and provided a memorable social media-worthy moment for customers.

Haymes offer free A5 colour brushout samples from the Haymes colour range to all our specifiers. If you'd like to request a brush out you can view our Haymes colour range here, or contact our team via email: e_specifier@haymespaint.com.au

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