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| 13th August 2021

Haymes Paint goes sky high in Tokyo with BitFlyer headquarters revamp

3. bitFlyer foyer2

Haymes Paint's Artisan Collection was used in the decoration and design of the Tokyo corporate offices for the world-renowned cryptocurrency company, BitFlyer.

Designed by tono Inc, the project transformed this vast space into a custom-designed creative hub, which paid homage to the international travels of its founders.

18. bitFlyer ROVANIEMI Artisan Surface custom colours in Loch Ard Blue Blue Spark and Valley of Stars

BitFlyer is a private company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 2014. It operates one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with over 2.5 million users. Located on the 33rd floor of the Midtown Tower in central Tokyo, the project set out to create the illusion of an “office floating above the clouds.”

5. bitFlyer project GALAPAGOS Artisan Surface Gravity Custom Colour Haymes DANUBE SKY 6. bitFlyer project GALAPAGOS Artisan Surface Gravity Custom Colour Haymes DANUBE SKY

The lobby and reception are designed to resemble an airport lounge, creating a sleek and spacious feel. It is a creative and open space, designed to allow for innovation and functional modern working.

Each meeting room adopted the name of an impressive city that BitFlyer founder Yuzo Kano and his associates had visited in the past. The design of each meeting room was based on the personality of its naming city.  A variety of Haymes Paint Artisan Collection products and colours were used to represent cities including Palo Alto in California, the Galapagos Islands, Manaus in Brazil, and Havana in Cuba.

7. bitFlyer CAPPADOCIA Rendercoat in Natural Lime 8. bitFlyer CAPPADOCIA Rendercoat in Natural Lime 9. bitFlyer PANAREA Artisan Matte Polish Custom Colour in Clare de Lune

The Haymes Paint team worked closely with Haymes’ Japanese partners, the brilliant Studio Anagram team for several months to develop custom tints and finishes for the project, before assisting and advising the painters and designers on site. Both parties learned more about the capacity of the Haymes Paint Artisan range and its ability to create unique and bespoke solutions to satisfy the imagination and vision of the design.

17. bitFyer NAMCHEBAZAAR Artisan Surface in Pumice Sedimentary and Industrial Grey

The project utilised a variety of application techniques such as cross hatch brushing, softening, colour blending, dragging and trowel techniques such as overlapping and rough texture, to achieve unique artisan finishes. Haymes Paint products used in this project included the Artisan Collection Surface, Artisan Collection Metal Trace Coarse, Artisan Collection Mortar, Artisan Collection Rendercoat, Artisan Collection Sand, Artisan Collection Matte Polish and Interior Expressions.

The end result was a memorable and unique corporate space, which simultaneously met the functional needs of this modern finance company whilst celebrating the colourful travels of its founders. 

12. bitFlyer MASAI MARA Metal Trace Coarse Classic Copper 

Haymes offer free A5 colour brushout samples from the Haymes colour range to all our specifiers. If you'd like to request a brush out you can view our Haymes colour range here, or contact our team via email: e_specifier@haymespaint.com.au

Client: bitFlyer, Inc. / bitFlyer Blockchain, Inc.
Total Planning Design-direction: TRENCH Inc.
Project management: DE-SIGN INC.
Design: tono Inc.+KoLabo Inc.
Interior design: LINEs AND ANGLEs inc.
Lighting design: Hisaki Kato Lighting & Design Inc.
Construction: MITSUI Designtec Co.,Ltd.
Special surface paint / Custom made Furniture: STUDIO ANAGRAM. INC.
Furniture select: Acht Inc.
Photo: adhoc

13. bitFlyer KIRCHBERG Mortar Custom colour Currency 14. bitFlyer PALO ALTO Artisan Mortar WICKER BROWN