Over our 80+ year history, Haymes have made various improvements to many of the products we offer. Improvements such as paint that self-primes, blocks stains and low/zero VOC coatings on trim paint that won’t compromise on the quality of the finish.

High Quality Wood Stain

Our high quality wood stain is an oil-based, semi-transparent stain that will add colour to transform and bring your timber to life without hiding the natural grain. It’s designed to be used on unfinished wood to penetrate into the open-grained timber for optimum results.

HaymesStamer wood stain outdoor area

Easy to Apply

It’s easy to apply and you can expect the timber stain to be touch dry in just 4 hours.

Available in a Range of Colours

Haymes wood stain is suited to be used on pine, ash and light coloured furniture timbers and is available in a range of colours.

Talk to an Expert

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