Create the perfect finish for your timber flooring

Everyone’s choice of the perfect finish for their timber flooring is different. Due to the nature of the oil, tung oil finishes can tend to give a golden tint to the timber and it is a commonly used ingredient in varnish, paints and furniture finishes.

High quality and low maintenance

Haymes Simply Woodcare Tung Oil Finish is high quality and designed to enhance the timber underneath. It is also low maintenance as you can reapply the finish onto any worn areas and can be re-polished with a floor polish as an option.

low sheen tung oil finish

Some of the benefits of choosing tung oil finish are:

  • Enhancing, preserving and protecting the timber underneath
  • Won’t crack or chip
  • Easy to maintain
  • Satin lustre finish

Haymes have over four generations of experience in this industry; with in-depth knowledge on everything from colours to paints and to finishes. We are constantly driven to bring new and improved products onto the market, and in turn bettering ourselves as a brand. You can find our products through independent retailers where the service and advice will match the quality of our products.

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