Haymes QuickPave products are high quality paving paints made for coating both interior and exterior concrete paving. QuickPave is available in a wide range of paving paint colours and is tint aligned with colours from the Haymes Colour Expressions range.

Durable Paving Paints

One of the best paving paints, Haymes QuickPave has superior long lasting exterior durability, superb coverage and effortless application. Haymes QuickPave products are resistant to oil and hot tyres, suitable for floors, paths, driveways, garage floors, patios, concrete, stone and brick surfaces.

QuickPave Heavy Duty is also suitable for use in commercial areas, but not food preparation areas. With superior toughness, a long lasting finish, resistance to oil & grease, and a high gloss finish, our paving paint is now considered a top paving paint available.

QuickPave Non Slip Additive is formulated to reduce the tendency for paving to be slippery when wet. This additive is a universal additive that is hard wearing and has a subtle texture.

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Haymes QuickPave has long lasting exterior durability

Applying Paving Paint

For best results, follow these tips when applying concrete paving paint:

  • Ensure the product is thoroughly stirred before and during application with a broad flat stirrer.
  • Work in areas approximately 2sqm at a time
  • Avoid painting if rain is expected within 24 hours
  • Avoid applying in direct sunlight, in hot weather or late afternoon in winter
  • QuickPave water based must be thinned 200ml per litre with clean water for the first coat

For more tips on how to paint concrete with paving paint watch the video below.

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