Top Painting Techniques and Tips

Painting a room can noticeably change the way it feels and looks. But knowing how to paint a room is more than just choosing paint colours and grabbing a paintbrush. By taking the time to learn about preparation and good painting techniques, the room you paint will look like a professional painter has painted it.

Learning how to paint a room can be easy and rewarding, giving your home a great, new look. Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll be painting like a pro.

1. Preparing A Room Before Painting Tips

Knowing how to properly paint a room starts with preparation. To ensure your painting project doesn’t have to be repeated every year or so, it’s important to take the time to prepare the surface of the walls, ceiling and trim. Allow enough time with your painting project to prepare the surface and follow the specific preparation product instructions.

Watch how to prepare walls for painting:

2. Choosing The Right Paint Colour

Using high-quality interior paint is the foundation of painting room techniques. But it can be overwhelming trying to work out which paint colours to choose. A good starting place is to consider whether you want the paint colour to complement or contrast your furniture and artwork. Explore our colour range for ideas. Otherwise, our colour consultations make this process easy - enquire online.

Once you’ve got the paint colours chosen, use our paint calculator to estimate how much paint you’ll need.

Watch how to choose a paint finish:

3. How To Paint A Room

If you’ve watched renovation TV shows, you’ll see some contestants make it look easy, but others make it look hard to know how to paint a room. So how do you paint a room like a professional painter? These painting a room techniques will help:

  • Only tackle one wall at a time.
  • Using a brush, “cut in” along the corners including the cornices, skirting boards, window and door frames.
  • Next, use a paint roller to cover the wall using long strokes in a W pattern.
  • Once this coat of paint is dry, apply another coat.

Painting techniques to make a room look bigger include painting the trim, doors and ceiling in the same colour. Another technique is to choose a lighter colour of paint on the wall trim and any mouldings. This will give the impression of space.

When it comes to bedroom painting techniques it’s important to remember that this very personal space should reflect your personality. Natural whites can make your bedroom feel calm and serene, while bold colours are a great way to unleash your creative flair.

Watch how to paint ceilings and walls:

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