Top Painting Techniques and Tips

Learning how to paint a room can be easy and rewarding, giving your home a great, new look. Just follow these three easy steps and you’ll be painting like a pro.

1. Preparation

Unless you really love to paint – and want to do it again soon – you absolutely must prepare the surface properly before you paint. It might sound harsh, but experience shows that preparing the surface accordingly prior to painting is the first and most important step of the project.

TIP: Allow plenty of time for preparing the surface. Follow the specific product instructions and plan the steps to prepare the surface prior to painting accordingly. It will probably take longer than the actual painting. 

Watch this video for some tips on ‘How to Prepare to Paint’:

2. Clean the Area

Paint adheres better to a clean surface. On smooth surfaces mix a mild detergent with warm water and apply with a rag or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to eliminate any detergent residue. Allow the surface to dry completely. For rough surfaces (masonry & tile) apply detergent and warm water with a rag or sponge, then clean with a bristle brush. If dirt and grease build-up is substantial, use a stronger cleanser, like TSP or sugar soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow the surface to dry completely.

3. Use the Right Equipment

Ask any professional painter about the importance of the right equipment and they may tell you a few stories. It is extremely important to use the right equipment for a project. Taking shortcuts and using low quality equipment can cost you a lot more because it can affect the final result.

Before you start your paint job, please make sure you have a check list with the right equipment needed to get the job done well. There are a number of specific paint rollers, brushes and tools that are ideal for different painting applications. Choosing the right equipment, product and technique will help to achieve your painting job faster, cheaper and better than alternative methods. 

For some ideas and tips on painting techniques watch this video on ‘How to Paint Ceilings and Walls’:

Find Your Local Store

Begin your painting project today by finding your local store to stock up on preparation & painting supplies. The experts at each store can also provide additional information and helpful tips if you require more information on how to get a professional painting finish.