General Specialty Product FAQs

What kind of paint do you use on metal?

Our recommendation on what kind of paint to use on metal is our Haymes Industrial Enamelex Hammertone which offers superb coverage for all metal surfaces. This easy to use, quick-drying enamel is durable and dries with a hammered metal patterned gloss finish. Another option from our range for what paint to use on metal is the Haymes Industrial Spray Enamel. This paint is suitable for all metal surfaces, is quick-drying and easy to use. It has a gloss finish and can be sprayed with airless and conventional systems.

What kind of paint to use on galvanised metal?

For the best results regarding what kind of paint you use on galvanized steel, we recommend a specialised paint. What paint to use on galvanized metal from our range is the Haymes Industrial Zincalene which has been formulated for commercial environments. This paint offers superior corrosion protection for galvanised metal with a fantastic gloss finish and high zinc content.

What paint to use on metal door?

Metal doors need to be painted with specialised paint. Haymes Industrial Spray Enamel is suitable for all metal surfaces and offers a superb gloss finish. Quick-drying and with superior coverage, it’s also ideal for light industrial applications.

What paint to use on steel?

Specialised paint should be used when you’re painting steel. Haymes Industrial Enamelex Hammertone offers a hammered effect that’s popular for toolboxes and trailers. Quick-drying and easy to use, this paint is suitable for all steel surfaces. Haymes Industrial Zincalene is ideal if you want a superb gloss finish on your steel surfaces. With superior corrosion protection and high zinc content, it’s also suitable for commercial environments.

Fence Paint FAQs

Best way to paint wrought iron fence

The best way to paint a wrought iron fence is to clean the fence first to ensure there is no dirt or areas of flaking/rust. Using steel wool or a steel brush is a good way to ensure all rust is removed. The next step is to then prime it with a suitable primer. Once the primer is dry, paint with an iron fence paint overcoat. You may want to do two coats of the overcoat.

What paint to use on wrought iron fence

To prime a wrought iron fence, Haymes Industrial Primer is an easy to use, quick-drying primer suitable for mild steel and wrought iron fences. With superior corrosion protection, it can be sprayed with airless and conventional systems. To overcoat Haymes Industrial Primer, Haymes Industrial Spray Enamel is an ideal iron fence paint to use. With a durable gloss finish, this Spray Enamel is suitable for all metal surfaces. Haymes Acrylic Fence Finish is an acrylic fence finish that provides superior coverage on all rough surfaces. Available in 6 colours, this fence paint has an attractive low sheen finish. Haymes Black Stallion is an acrylic self-priming product formulated without harmful additives. Safe to use around livestock and horses, it offers superb coverage and a long-lasting finish.

Where to buy fence paint?

There are Haymes Paint stockists located conveniently throughout Australia. Use our Store Finder to find your local Haymes stockist. If you are considering whether to buy fence paint online, we don’t currently sell our iron fence paint products online - we do recommend heading in-store as you can speak with the experts to ensure you get the right product for your project and pick up anything else you need such as brushes etc.