Wendy Rennie

Paint colours can create a range of moods, offering warmth and comfort or sparking creativity. 

Wendy Rennie (Haymes Colour and Concept Manager) breaks down the psychology behind room paint colours so you can get started on selecting the right colours for the moods you want to create.


Pick the Right Colour for Each Mood

Whites neutrals   Blacks Greys

White - Warm Touch

White represents purity and innocence but when you add white to your walls, it can be warm or cool depending on where it sits on the colour wheel.


Black - Intrigue

Black is a powerful colour and can have a compelling effect when used as a backdrop. It can be softened against other colours or used to create a statement style. It is best used as an accent colour, creating balance and grounding within a room.

Browns2    Reds

Brown - Warm Brown

Down to earth and warm, shades of brown bring comfort and security to a space.


Red - Bright Ember

Love, passion and warmth emanate from a room coloured red. One of the most powerful colours, red enhances the appetite and is perfect for a dining room or restaurant setting. A vibrant and saturated red is said to raise the heart rate, while a muted, softer red belies luxuriousness and cosiness.

Yellows   Blues

Yellow - Free Range

A yellow room colour brings a bright, cheerful and warm mood, adding a burst of sunshine when used as a highlight. Pair yellow with black and white for a contemporary twist. 


Blue - Blue Mosaic

Known as the calming colour on the spectrum, blue represents security, orderliness and tranquillity – the perfect colour to create a relaxing space.

Add a touch of green to a beautiful blue for a teal palette that will complement any style, creating a feeling of serenity and depth.

Greens   Purples

Green - Sea Moss

Nature’s most common colour, green represents balance. When used as a paint colour it creates a refreshing and revitalising effect.


Purple - Damion

Purple is the colour of royalty, luxury and the exotic. Associated with spirituality, a purple space creates a rich and lavish living environment.

Pinks   Pastels

Pink - Tom's Run

The ultimate colour of femininity, pink is associated with love and romance. Ranging from soft pastel to vibrant fuchsia, pink can turn up the mood or wind things down, depending on the tone.


Pastel - Just Blue

Soft, muted pastel tones add character and originality to a contemporary home, creating spaces to unwind and relax. Pastels are on trend at the moment, both in home décor and fashion, offering a subtle yet fresh look, working beautifully in nurseries, living rooms and bedrooms.

Get Professional Colour Advice

If you're unsure which colours would be suit your home & style, talk to a colour stylist. Each member of the team, which includes Wendy Rennie, has extensive experience & an eye for detail. Consultations can be conducted online or at your home. Enquire online today.

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