Finding the right room colour combination can be a tough decision. Depending on the style you want and how personalised you want it to be; there are so many factors that play into deciding the perfect room colour.

Haymes Colour Library

Browse the Haymes Colour Library to provide inspiration around personal interest and style. By browsing the library, you'll be able to give yourself a sense of direction in picking the perfect colour combination for bedrooms or finding the right room colour design to accompany your kitchen furniture. Colour Library digital assets CL20tile

Talk to a Haymes Colour Stylist

If you want to professional assistance – we have colour stylists that are ready to help. Each colour stylist will provide professional advice and guidance, as well as assisting you in understanding colour palettes and room colour combinations. By consulting with a colour stylist online or in-person, you will be able to find the right style for your home and have the colours work cohesively to your liking.

Contact us today to request a consultation with our Haymes Colour Stylists.

Get Local Advice

For more professional advice, visit your local Haymes stockist. Each stockist will be able to provide recommendations and sample swatches of paint colours for you to take home and visualise which colour combinations will best suit you.