Finding the right room colour combination can be a tough decision. Depending on the style you want and how personalised you want it to be, there are so many factors that can play into deciding the perfect room colour. We have a great range of interior paint colours and some fantastic tools to help you find the perfect colour combination for your bedroom. Below is a link to our Colour Library which is a great tool to help you choose wall colour combinations and will provide some fantastic inspiration for bedroom colour ideas and room colour design.

Bedroom feature wall painted in Haymes Designer Finish

Haymes Paint is a family run business and has been since we began in 1935. We pride ourselves on crafting quality products and conducting our business with respect for the impact on the environment and the reduction of waste & emissions. Here are three ways we can help you with selecting home colour combinations:

Choosing Wall Colour Combinations

Here are some of the ways we can help you choose wall colour combinations such as two colour combinations for bedroom walls that will get you excited about your new room colour design.

Haymes Colour Library

Browse the Haymes Colour Library for inspiration on colour palettes based on a range of different concepts and ideas. The library is designed to help give you a sense of direction in picking the perfect colour combination for bedrooms or finding the right room colour design that will complement the rest of your home’s style.

Talk to a Haymes Colour Stylist

We have an experienced team of colour stylists ready to help you choose the right wall colour combinations. Through our colour consultations, our colour stylists provide professional advice & guidance and will assist you in understanding colour palettes and room colour combinations. By consulting with a colour stylist online or in-person, you will be able to find the right home colour combinations and ensure the colours work cohesively with your home’s current aesthetic. Contact us today to request a consultation with our Haymes Colour Stylists.

Get Local Advice

For professional advice, visit your local Haymes stockist. Each stockist will be able to provide recommendations and sample swatches of paint colours for you to take home and visualise which wall colour combinations will best suit you.

Start Exploring Home Colour Combinations

Arrange a Color Consultation today with one of our experts or head into your local Haymes Paint stockist for bedroom colour ideas and to get sample pots of home colour combinations to try.